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Quiz: What Dorm Room Color Scheme Are You?

Choosing a dorm room color scheme is tricky. Discover your perfect dorm color scheme with our personality quiz. Click here to take the test!
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Setting out to decorate a dorm or apartment can be a daunting task. Starting with a basic color scheme will make the whole process so much easier, and helps to visually organize the space. We've already covered how to decorate your dorm around a color scheme, but sometimes, choosing a dorm color scheme is more difficult.

Want to discover the best dorm room color scheme for your personality? Take our quiz below and eliminate the need to hunt through endless color palettes.

Dorm Room Color Scheme Personality Quiz

Quiz Results

Now that you have your result, here are four sample dorm color schemes based off of the quiz answers. Take a look to see if you agree with the selections!

Mostly A's: Preppy Reds and Blues

Preppy red and blue dorm room decor color scheme

Product Information: Pink Bedding, Owl Lamp, Blue Pillow, Woven Basket, Chair, Pink Pillow, Clock

This feminine, classic color scheme is quintessentially chic. The pink bedding and seafoam blue-green pillows are a fresh take on standard preppy colors, and the accessories provide a vintage, cottage-like appeal. The woven basket is a perfect choice for storage or as a laundry hamper, the anchor pillow brings a bit of nautical interest, and the chair fits in wonderfully with its air of casual sophistication. The owl lamp and oversize clock round off the classic room by providing the trademark prep-school decorations.

Mostly B's: Sunny Brights

Sunny, brightly colored dorm room decor

Product Information: "One Step At A Time", Bedding, Pillow, Chair & Footrest, Rug, Lamp

It's all about the brights with this cheery color scheme! Inspired by summertime, this palette features plenty of reds, oranges, and yellows -- perfect for a pick-me-up after a trying day in class. The motivational "One Step At A Time" keeps you going, as does the "Keep Calm and Carry On" pillow, and it's been proven that seeing yellow in your bedroom visibly wakes you up. Round off the bright decor with a comfy chair and Ottoman, cover your tile or hardwood floor with a cozy orange rug, and get some studying done under the light of a sunny yellow industrial lamp that will heighten your mood every time you get down to work.

Mostly C's: Warm Neutrals

Dorm room decor color scheme: Warm neutral tones

Product Information: Bedding, Jewelry Tree, Pillow, Deer Artwork, Rug, Side Table

You believe your dorm room or apartment should be a welcome respite from your hectic everyday life. This color scheme, based upon natural neutrals and soothing tones, helps do just that. The gorgeous ruffled white bedding provides a clean, calm atmosphere, while the rustic raw wood side table hints at a return to simple living. The element of nature is continued with the jewelry tree and whimsy art piece of a deer wearing gym socks, and the room's peaceful look is completed with a gently patterned area rug and boho-inspired throw pillow.

Mostly D's: Edgy Reds and Blacks

Edgy dorm room decor color scheme

Product Information: Pillow, Mobile, Bookends, Clock, Key, Poster, Bedding

This room's modern and edgy color scheme is all about metallics, reds, and blacks, with pops of yellow. The bedding's Victorian-esque damask print is trendy while still being classic, and the throw pillow helps establish this rockstar color scheme. The chic mobile provides visual interest in the room, drawing the eye upwards, and the shiny bookends are a clever way to incorporate the typography design trend. Round off the room with a Queen-head clock, a fun vintage poster, and a giant key sculpture, and your room tells the whole world that you're a trendsetter and 100% proud of it.

What do you think?

Did these sample color schemes fit your personality? What colors do you use in your dorm room or apartment? Do you have any tips for students trying to choose color schemes for their rooms? Let us know with a comment!

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