Comment Policy

College Fashion is a happy and positive community of college women who love fashion. It’s not a site that’s about tearing people down, being fashion elitists or spreading negativity in general. Of course, we do post the occasional rant, but most of the time we try to keep this site positive and encourage lots of positive discussion and feedback.

Just so there’s no confusion, please be aware of the following rules on commenting here before you leave your opinions.

What You Can Do Here:

You are totally encouraged to comment on posts – it helps add to the community and that’s what this blog is all about anyway! Add links that are related to the topic (so long as you aren’t self-promoting), tell us your thoughts, ask questions, debate, whatever. 99% of the comments posted on CF thus far fit these criteria!

Also, if you disagree with something we’ve posted and want to give a suggestion or some constructive criticism, that’s cool. You don’t have to love or agree with everything we write about, obviously! Comments of this nature are no problem.

What You Can’t Do Here:

Those who use this site to post rude, offensive, nasty, negative or hurtful comments aimed at any of us or anyone else will have their comments deleted and their IPs banned. If you want to post that kind of stuff, do it somewhere else. Don’t be a jerk.

Similarly, our comments section isn’t a place for you to plug your site or product! While you can include your blog or website URL in the URL area of the comment form, posts saying “visit my blog” or “try this product” are not allowed. Also, please use your PERSONAL name or initials and not your business name in the “name” field of the form, and do not put your website in the comment text, as both come off like spam. If a comment like this somehow gets through and we feel it’s spammy, we will edit or delete it, and the person who posted it may be banned.

Basically, just be nice, be cool and stay classy with the comments. Thanks!