Outfits & Outings Under $100: Art Museum + Improv Show

Gaze at inspiring art and hilarious people.

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what to wear to an art museum what to wear to an improv show

Humor and art are two of world’s greatest treasures, so why not spend some time enjoying both? 

As a college student, you have access to art department exhibits and comedy related student nights. If you’re off-campus for the summer, you have student discounts! Both activities are terrific for meeting and getting to know other likeminded low-key and fun people.

As usual, O&O contains:

  • ~$30 for the outings per person
  • ~$70 for the clothes per outfit set 
  • Diverse sizing
  • Outfits for both dress/pant-lovers.

Cost Breakdown

Art museums usually have a set year-round student discount ($10/ticket) but will also offer free general admission days. Check out your local art museum’s website and their social media for the best deals.

Improv show tickets can range anywhere from free (the best kind) to around $15/ticket depending on the performers. A good improv troupe is gold so ask around town and social media for the best of the best. Finding an A+ troupe equals an automatically great idea for when you have to play tour guide for family or when you need a refreshing date plan.

Art Museum Outfit

floral pants black blazer white strappy tee black flats

Product Info: Tee – Hollister (XXS-XL) | Blazer – Nordstrom (XXS-XL) | Printed Pants – H&M (2-6) | Flats – Target 

Cost: $75 as of July 19

Remix your business casual and just plain casual clothes together with this look. First, mimic the color palette found in oil paintings with printed pants like these cool ones. 

Next, a white t-shirt is a summer classic and the cutouts are a huge trend. And it’s always freezing in museums so chuck on a blazer for maximized “I’m at a museum and feeling fancy” vibes. 

Finally, be prepared for a long, leisurely stroll around the museum grounds with basic black pointy-toe flats.

Improv Show Outfit

plus size black bodycon dress black kimono jacket blue strappy heels

Product Info: Bodycon Dress – ASOS (14-28) | Kimono Jacket – Torrid (00-6) | Cage Booties – Charlotte Russe

Cost: $44 as of July 19

Improv shows normally take place in either art centers or comedy clubs. Most tend to be seated venues where you can rock a pair of impractical but fun cage booties. Crowds at improv shows are all over the place in terms of dress code. Some are dressed up to the nines; others not so much. 

Go for a classic yet laid-back style with a simple black dress and a floral kimono jacket. The dress helps you blend in with both the dressed up and casual crowds, while the polished casual kimono jacket helps you stand out.

Your Thoughts?

What is your favorite art museum (or exhibit)? Which comedy troupe do you think is gold? Have you ever been to an on-campus comedy night? 

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