60+ Cute and Aesthetic Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

Upgrade your tech with these adorable V-Day backgrounds!

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I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I love more than a fresh new tech background to update my phone or computer for a new season. I honestly go as far as to deck out my phone and computer for each holiday!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to create some cute Valentine’s Day wallpapers for phones and computers. Below are more than 60 pretty, fun, and stylish wallpapers that will be perfect for you whether you’re single or attached.

These wallpapers are all 100% free! Just click on each picture to be taken to the high-res version.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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How to Save and Use these Wallpapers:

It’s super simple to get these wallpapers onto your phone or computer. Here’s how:

  • On iPhone: Click the image to go to the high-res version, then hold down on the image and save.
  • On Desktop: Right click and save the image, then crop it to your desired size.

Note that depending on your phone or computer screen size, these may appear differently on your device than they do on this page. You may need to crop them to better fit your screen.

Valentine’s Day Phone Wallpapers

Blurred Heart iPhone Wallpaper

Blurred heart on pink background valentines wallpaper

Love Love Love Neon Wallpaper

Lovelovelove valentines day wallpaper

Negative Space Pink & White Heart Wallpaper

February valentine's day collage phone wallpaper

Valentine’s Day Collage iPhone Wallpaper

February Valentine's Day collage phone wallpaper

Pink Clouds, Hearts, and Sparkles Wallpaper

Minimalist White Heart Wallpaper with February 2023 Calendar

I love any wallpaper that has a built in calendar!

Pink Shiny Fabric Wallpaper with February 2023 Calendar

Cute Pink 8 Bit Valentine’s Wallpaper

Valentines pixel art wallpaper

Valentine’s Pink Glitter Heart Pattern Wallpaper

I Love You Donuts Wallpaper

Multicolored XO XO Pattern

XO wallpaper

LoveLoveLove Pink and White Wallpaper

LoveLoveLove Purple Gradient Wallpaper

Pink Diamonds Wallpaper

Rose Gold Glitter Heart with Love Text

Multicolored Gradient Background with White Hearts

Pink Rose Petals with February 2023 Calendar

Pink Peonies with February 2023 Calendar

Peonies iphone wallpaper with February 2023 calendar for Valentine's Day

I Can Buy Myself Flowers Phone Wallpaper

Phone wallpaper with gray background, photo of peonies and the text I can buy myself flowers

February Pink Glitter Wallpaper

February pink glitter wallpaper for iphone

Blue Sparkle Heart Valentine’s iPhone Wallpaper

Blue sparkle heart iphone wallpaper for Valentine's Day

Purple Heart Valentine’s Wallpaper

Purple heart with gradient Valentine's Day wallpaper for iphone

Pink Satin Sparkle Wallpaper

Pink satin sparkle iPhone wallpaper

Pink Felt Heart Wallpaper

Pink felt heart Valentine's Day wallpaper

Aesthetic Heart Bokeh Wallpaper

Follow your heart phone wallpaper

Y2K Swirls Valentine’s Wallpaper

Love Struck Neon Sign

Love Struck valentines day phone wallpaper

Thank U Next iPhone Wallpaper

Thank u next valentines phone wallpaper

Self Love & Rose’

Self love valentines day wallpaper

Neon Love Is All You Need

Love is all you need phone wallpaper for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Candy with Message

Candy 50% off wallpaper for Valentines

You Are Beautiful Simple Background

Simple iphone wallpaper for Valentine's Day with the text You Are Beautiful set on top of a photo of a purple perfume bottle

Gradient With “Above All Things I Believe in Love”

Above all things I believe in love wallpaper

Crushes Quote Wallpaper

Crushes quote valentines day wallpaper

Pink Close-Up Rose Wallpaper

Close up photo of a rose as wallpaper

Neon Glitter Love Text on Black

Love neon glitter text on black

Heart Made Out of Roses on Pink Background

Pink heart made out of roses on a pink background

Love Yourself iPhone Wallpaper in Pink

Love Yourself iPhone wallpaper in pink

Valentine’s Day Computer Wallpapers

Here are some super cute computer wallpapers for Valentine’s Day.

Note: A few of the wallpapers below include a space for you to make notes or add your to-do list. Here’s a great tutorial on how to do this on Windows 10, and here’s one for Mac!

February Glitter Desktop Wallpaper

Pink glitter desktop wallpaper with the text February in white

February 2023 Calendar Peonies Desktop Wallpaper

February 2023 peonies desktop wallpaper with calendar

Dual Pink and White Heart Desktop Wallpaper

Dual pink and white heart desktop wallpaper for Valentine's Day

Neon Love Love Love Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper with purple and red gradient background and body text that reads Love Love Love in yellow

Purple Love Is All You Need Wallpaper for Desktop

Purple desktop wallpaper with the text love is all you need

Thank U Next Satin Wallpaper for Desktop

Thank u next wallpaper for desktop on a satin background

LoveLoveLove Gradient for Desktop

Lovelovelove gradient wallpaper on purple background for Desktop

February 2023 Pink Collage Organization Wallpaper

February 2023 pink collage desktop wallpaper with sections to keep you organized

February 2023 Collage Wallpaper with Organization Sections in Purple

February 2023 collage desktop wallpaper with sections for organization in purple

Love Yourself Desktop Wallpaper in Pink

Desktop wallpaper in pink with the text Love Yourself in the center

Pink Rose Heart Desktop Wallpaper

Pink rose heart desktop wallpaper

Reminder: All Candy Will Be 50% off on 2/15 Wallpaper for Desktop

Desktop wallpaper that reads Reminder: All candy will be 50% off on 2/15

White Hearts Feb 2023 Calendar Wallpaper for Desktop

Pink Sparkle Hearts Desktop Wallpaper

Pink glitter sparkle hearts allover pattern desktop wallpaper

Y2K-Style Heart Desktop Wallpaper

Simple Gradient Heart Wallpaper in Purple

Simple gradient heart desktop wallpaper in purple

Gradient Background with White Hearts for Desktop

Desktop wallpaper: Pastel gradient background with white hearts

Pink Sparkle Heart with Love Text – Desktop

Pink glitter heart

February Love Collage Wallpaper

Collage of Valentine's Day themed images made into a desktop wallpaper with the text February in the middle

Be Mine Sky Wallpaper

Blue sky desktop wallpaper with the text Be Mine and graphic hearts in pastel pink

All You Need is Love Rainbow Desktop Wallpaper

Rainbow clouds desktop wallpaper with the text All you need is love, love is all you need

I Can Buy Myself Flowers Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper with photo of pink peonies and text

You Are Beautiful Purple Desktop Background

What do you think of these Valentine’s Day wallpapers?

Which of these cute wallpapers is your favorite? Tell us which ones you download, we hope you love them as much as we do!

If you’d like to share these wallpapers with friends or on your own website, feel free! All we ask is that you credit us with a link back to this page. And as always, feel free to pin these to Pinterest to use later on!

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