The Busy Girl’s Guide: Summer Mornings

Running late to your summer internship? We have you covered.

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The busy girl's guide to summer internships: Summer internship outfit, makeup tips, and hacks for early mornings

Welcome to the first edition of The Busy Girl’s Guide! This column is for the ambitious girls, the ones who chase success and like to look amazing while doing it. 

Each week, I’ll be providing quick tips to streamline your life and to optimize every day while keeping things professional and fun! From career tips to outfits that keep you chic but get you out the door fast, The Busy Girl’s Guide is for the go-getter who wants to have fun while moving forward with life.

This week, we’ll be talking about outfits and makeup hacks that will get you out of the door quick for that summer internship, as well as a quick life hack for your health. (Because, let’s admit it, we don’t make enough time for our health. Blaming our busy schedules for that, though? Leave that in the past.) 

Let’s get to it!

1. Easy Summer Internship Outfit

Products: Romper – Gap, Blazer – Dorothy Perkins, Shoes – Shoe Dazzle, Necklace – Nordstrom

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had a day that started after you accidentally slept through your alarm or “accidentally” hit the snooze button one too many times. Summer is usually the season where sleeping in is not only possible but encouraged, but with internships? Yeah, good luck.

Squeeze every bit of sleep out of your morning by having a tried and true outfit on hand. With the summer heat coming out in full force this month, a conservative romper — casual enough to give off an effortless vibe and to take you to an after-work hangout with friends, but also neat enough for a professional setting — is a good thing to own.

To make it even more professional, reach for a blazer (the cream and black contrast will look amazing) to slip on over the romper. Flats keep the outfit simple and out of “scandalous” territory, as well as keeping you comfortable if your internship requires running around the city. Slip on a necklace to complete the outfit. A little bit of sparkle can show a lot of effort, after all!

Note: For those wondering, “can I wear a romper to work?” Always know your workplace dress code before copying an internship outfit from this website or any other! Every workplace is different, and some require business formal dress. Obviously, a romper is not business formal.

2. Quick Summer Internship Makeup

Products: Face Wipes – Macy’s, BB Cream – Ulta, Brow Gel – Target, Multiple Tint/Blush – Orchard Mile

Even if you’re usually not a makeup wearer, there are moments when you may feel the need to put on a little makeup quickly. Maybe it’s just me, but if there was a Venn Diagram with “days where I’m running late” and “days I need some makeup to hide the dark circles under my eyes,” that diagram would be a circle. 

If you can relate, this quick internship makeup hack is for you: Just put together a small bag of products that you can keep with you and apply when you have a free moment, be it on your commute or in the bathroom once you get to your office. That way, you don’t have to completely give up washing your face (these wipes exfoliate with a few quick swipes across your face, which is a win) or putting your best face forward.

Skip the time-consuming eyeliner and reach for things that will cover the essentials — skin, eyes, lips, cheeks

BB Cream is a nice alternative to concealer, and it moisturizes too. (This one has a bit of salicylic acid in it, so takes out zits while covering them up!)

Brow gel can help define your face structure and eyes in one wand swipe, so no need for mascara unless your eyelashes are super light (though you could definitely pack that, too). 

This “multiple tint” is a bit pricey but a lifesaver — it can be lipstick, it can be blush, it can even be eyeshadow! All around, it gives you a pretty and natural flushed look, which is perfect for those busy mornings.

Quick Health Hack: Replace Your  Morning Coffee with Water

If you gasped at the idea of giving up your Starbucks in the morning, trust me: I feel your pain. But consider this: just bringing a reusable water bottle from home and drinking cold water in the morning instead of caffeine saves you money and time (since there’s no need to stop by Starbucks when you’re already running late)!

Health-wise, it’s a smart move. When we wake up in the morning, we’ve gone (hopefully) seven to eight hours without water. You start your morning off relatively dehydrated, and reaching for that espresso shot won’t help you rehydrate (much)

And finally, let’s talk effectiveness: According to recent literature, first thing in the morning may NOT be the most effective time to drink coffee. Water, however, not only replenishes your body and starts you off right, but a gulp of freezing cold water is just as much of a wake-up call as your latte. 

What do you think? 

Do you have some busy days ahead of you? How do you stay on top of your schedule like a boss? What are you busy girls up to–and what do you want for tips? Let me know in the comments!

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