6 Unique Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

When dinner and a movie just won’t cut it.

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After the excitement of the holidays, the Super Bowl, and the start of the semester, it’s easy to feel a little bit jaded when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Not only does Valentine’s Day make for a terrible movie, but there is all this unnecessary pressure and expectation around the holiday.

You’re probably debating on whether you should try some overpriced and crowded restaurant for V-Day. As a former server, I can attest that going to a restaurant on a holiday is never worth it! Wait times will feel like forever, and when you do get seated, expect the food to take just as long.

Valentine’s is on a Wednesday this year, which if you have work and classes can make the day even tougher to celebrate. Instead of feeling obligated to do the typical Valentine’s dinner and a movie, let’s reclaim this commercial holiday and make it the ultra-chill, fun day that you and your s.o. need for the middle of your week!

Here are some last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas to get you started!

Build a Pillow Fort

Let’s first get this straight… you’re never too old for a pillow fort! After all, these days you can probably build a bigger and better pillow fort than your childhood self could have dreamed up.

Grab every blanket, duvet, sofa cushion, and pillow in your apartment and get to constructing. As a final touch, use string lights to add romantic lighting to your intimate space.

Don’t forget to stock up on movie night snacks, candy, and pizza. Download up a romantic movie (that’s not “Valentine’s Day”) and set up your laptop for the screening.

Groupon Date

If you’ve ever scrolled through Groupon, you’ve probably noticed there are hundreds of coupons advertising things to do in your area. And they’re usually things that wouldn’t have even crossed your mind. I’ve seen listings for Drunk Shakespeare, Murder Mystery Dinners, Segway City Tours, BYOB painting classes, and Glow in the Dark Silent Disco.

Normally, these Groupons are typically under $25 a person and would be a lot more memorable than a dinner date at a packed restaurant or movie theater.

Drive Out of Town for a Star-Gazing Adventure

If it’s warm enough, get away from all the light pollution of the city and drive to the countryside. Pack thick blankets and food for a picnic under the stars. (tip: use yoga mats under the blankets to keep grass from poking through)

Once you get away from the city, you’ll be amazed by how much more of the night sky you’ll see!

Home Cooking Lesson

With the abundance of YouTube cooking channels and websites, choose an entree and a dessert recipe with your s.o. and have fun trying to recreate it. (Bonus points for heart-shaped food presentation!) If it turns out totally horrible you can always order a pizza as back-up.

Go on a Geocaching Scavenger Hunt

What is Geocaching?

I’ve been obsessed with Geocaching since a date took me my Freshmen year. If you aren’t familiar with the past time, Geocaching is where people hide objects to find by using GPS coordinates.

Normally these objects are small canisters with a log to jot down your name as one of its finders. Once you find your first geocache it’s hard to stop!

Geocaching can lead you on some cool adventures. My boyfriend and I have found geocaches in an old drive-in movie sign, a mustache tin in the Austin SoCo district and have even stumbled into a Hispanic Heritage Festival in San Antonio on our hunt.

For your first adventure, download the official Geocaching app and pick out an area with an abundance of treasures. Normally a beautiful park or even your college campus does the trick. Don’t forget to bring water and snacks.

Have fun hunting!

Couples Yoga or Salsa Dancing

Most university rec centers will hold a Couples’ Yoga Session or a Beginner’s Salsa Dancing Class that’s a simple, fun, and free way to spend your day.

During yoga, you can make fun of your significant other’s inability to touch their toes and they can laugh at your trouble balancing in a tree pose. If you’re salsa dancing, you might be shocked by your date’s natural talent on the dance floor!

So, check out what events your school has to offer. After all, you’re only in school for so long so enjoy it while it lasts.

What Do You Think?

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Do any of these date ideas sound intriguing to you? What do you have planned for your romantic holiday this year? Leave us a comment below!

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