How to Keep that Homesickness Back Home

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August. A tiny knot forms in the bottom of your stomach, but of course you ignore it because college is so fun.

September. A weird achy feeling is coming from your stomach and you feel a little sad. You see a dog on campus. Aw. The thought of your pup back home comes to mind.

October. It’s starting to get a little bit colder outside. You think of your mom’s hot chocolate and a warm fire, snuggled up in your favorite blanket on your bed. The knot grows to the point where tears begin to flow out of your eyes.

Homesickness. We’ve all experienced it at some point of our college career. Even if you just aced your test or life is going good, thinking about home can be hard at times. The real question is, how do you keep that homesickness back home so that you can enjoy college?

We’re already covered how to deal with being homesick in college and today we’re sharing five ways to help end homesickness–hopefully, before it even starts.

5 Steps to Avoid Homesickness 

1. Involve yourself on campus

One of the top ways to stop thinking about homesickness is to remain busy and get involved. Find several clubs that you are passionate about and attend weekly meetings and go to events. The more you do, the less time you have to think about being sad.

2. Go to weekly yoga classes

Taking care of your mental health in college is essential; especially in an era where depression is becoming increasingly common among young adults. Going to a yoga class will not only relax your mind and body, but will also give you positive thoughts and all you to miss home a little bit less.

3. Eat clean, healthy foods

Did you know that eating refined sugars and junk food actually have an effect on your mood? While you initially feel happy from the sugar, your mood will eventually drop, and you will feel sadder. Stick with healthy all-natural foods to keep an elevated mood!

4. Call your family every few days

While texting works too, actually hearing a loved one’s voice on the phone is such a great way to connect. By frequently calling your family, you will stay in the loop and not worry about home as much. Tell your parents how you are feeling, and they will definitely have the right words to lift your spirit.

5. Integrate working out into your daily schedule

Ever heard of the runner’s high? Basically, when you work out, endorphins are released in your body that make you happier. Scientists say to exercise when you’re stressed, angry, or upset. Definitely start going to the gym. I’m positive it will help your homesickness fade away.

Do you have any tips for dealing with homesickness?

Always remember that homesickness is extremely common among college students, and you are not alone! Comment below any questions on getting rid of homesickness.

And if you feel like you’re experiencing more than just the “typical” homesickness, it’s always a good idea to talk things out with your school’s mental health counselor or a therapist. They are there to help.

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