How to Balance School and Social Life in College

Your college lifestyle would not be what it is without an exploding social life!

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While a college student, it is no secret that your schooling is very important. It is, after all, what you are at University for. 

But what would college be if classes and homework were the only things that filled your days? College would not be the same life-changing experience without the social aspects. After all, it’s the last time you’re going to be completely surrounded by peers living in such close proximity. 

Managing academics and a social life is a balancing act that requires you to keep both at an equal level simultaneously. Failure to do so throws your lifestyle all out of whack; succeeding has you living that ‘Hannah Montana: best of both worlds’ life! 

Take it from someone who knows: getting into your groove can be very rocky, and the smallest of changes can throw everything out of whack. 

But, through these actions I have found success in managing both a blossoming academic and social life. 

1. Be as organized as possible 

Yes, this means actually reading each class syllabus, writing down due dates, and keeping a to-do list. 

Being on track with your school work allows for no surprises that might ruin your night out! 

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2. Keep yourself healthy 

We all know that sick days can really throw you into a funk, so I cannot stress enough that keeping yourself healthy should always be your number one priority. 

Be smart when you go out and proactive about being productive for the next day by keeping yourself hydrated and well fed! 

Recognize when you are not feeling up to par and take the time your body needs to recover: whether that means skipping a night out or an unimportant morning class! 

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3. Schedule your classes wisely 

It is key to recognize the times of day when you are most productive. 

Further, it is important to try and schedule classes during your most productive time in a blocked schedule. If your classes are all on top of one another it is harder to justify skipping and gives you less time between classes to slack off. You are more likely to just keep working during this time to get everything done! 

It is also a plus to know that once you are done for the day you are actually done, without any other classes hanging over your head. This will give you more time to unwind at the end of the day! 

Organized agenda

4. Make sure to cut yourself some slack

In the grand scheme of things, missing one pottery class your junior year of college really does not matter. You need to recognize when you are too wound up and need to let loose! 

Obviously you should keep your grades up and you shouldn’t make skipping class a habit. But you should also go to the parties you are invited to, go to the margarita nights out with your friends, go live your life! Yes, school is important, but it will always be waiting there for you in the morning after a great night out.

I want to hear from you in the comments below!

How do you keep on top of your school work and social life? Do you ever feel like getting into the balancing groove is hard? Have you been successful in your balancing act?

2 thoughts on “How to Balance School and Social Life in College”

  1. Honestly it’s hard. But remembering how lucky I am to have an amazing support system, and not hesitating to ask for help (even going as far as crying in front of my professors) I’ve learned that being vulnerable is actually quite kickass! It shows that you want to better yourself, and you want to be helped. The truth is, professors legitimately want to help students to no end..,you just have to give them a chance ?

    • Love this, so true! Professors are there to help you out, that’s the reason we always say go to office hours and get to know your professors. If the time comes when you need help, if they’re a quality professor they’ll be there.


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