The Pros and Cons of College Relationships vs. Hookups

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Hookups are all the rage in today’s society… or so you think. It seems like society is all about quick and easy everything. Hookups definitely fall in that category, aside from those completely difficult moments when you wake up next to a complete stranger don’t know what to do or how to react. 

On the other hand, relationships are satisfying, intimate and enlightening. Not only do you learn more about yourself as a person, but you also discover the type of person you want to be with in the future. Unfortunately, relationships are notorious for being “difficult” due to loyalty problems, fighting, and unnecessary date night expenses. 

Regardless of which category you fall into on the intimacy scale, here are pros and cons to help you decide which steps to take with your new person of interest. 


The Pros

1. Consistency

As cheesy as it may sound, entering into a relationship gives you constant best friend. Regardless of how you met, whether at a party or through a class, relationships are satisfying in pretty much every aspect of life. You never have to worry about Joey “ghosting” you or moving on to another girl at the next party. 

2. A Strong Connection

Relationships and the word “bond” go hand in hand. Because you form such a tight bond with your partner, you have a strong connection in and out of bed. Having a connection not only makes your personal life more fun, but also enhances your sex life. Not to mention, having someone there for you during good and bad times is an extra plus. 

3. You’ll Learn More About Yourself

Even if one relationship doesn’t work out in the end, you still learn way more about yourself than the average hookup. Maybe you never realized you are a neat freak and your partner’s messy habits drive you insane. Or maybe you didn’t realize how controlling you are and recognize a need for personal change. 

The Cons

1. The Time Commitment

Relationships can either be looked at as time consuming and wasteful or time worthy and completely rewarding. If you are the kind of person who likes to get things done independently and not waste time taking a romantic walk through the park, then relationships are probably not for you (unless your significant other is equally independent). 

2. It’s Restricting

If you are the type of person who hates feeling tied down or controlled in any sense, then relationships may not for you. Although healthy relationships are not controlling, there are always expectations of each other and how you should act. If partying nonstop is your cup of tea and your partner likes to stay in, then that relationship likely won’t work out in the long run. 

3. Hearts May Get Broken

The riskiest part of a relationship is how far you let your emotions go. The longer you date someone, the more attached you become. While this is a great factor of dating, if a breakup is involved, you may get extremely hurt and go down a rough path.


The Pros

1. No Commitment Necessary

If you’re overly committed in multiple areas of life and simply don’t have the time for a long-term relationship, then hookups may be an option. You decide when you feel like physically bonding with a person of choice for the night.

2. No Expectations

The beauty of hookups is that you can go into one with absolutely no expectations of the other person. Both of you are just looking for a good time, so there is no pressure for your relationship to be a certain way.

3. Cost Effective

Unlike relationships where you go on dates and spend money on leisure activities, hookups are quick and free. As blunt as this sounds, you will be saving money in the long run.

The Cons

1. There May Be Attachment Issues

For some, a hookup always means more than just sex. Whether you like it or not, you can’t get that person out of your head for the life of you. The idea of hooking up with them just once doesn’t satisfy you, and you keep checking your phone to see if that person is interested in your personal life. If this is the case, hookups are 100% not the way to go, as you sound like a relationship person. 

2. There’s No Connection 

Unlike hooking up while in a relationship, impersonal hookups lack the intimate connection where you know each others bodies and personalities. Some may have more chemistry than others, but overall, most hookups are dry and awkward. 

3. It Could Be Risky 

While relationships are all about trust between partners, hookups are all about unknowns and strangers. That being said, ALWAYS use protection–no exceptions. You never know a person’s sexual history. The risk is never worth it. 

At the end of the day, trial and error is always the best way to determine if you’re a relationship person or a hookup person. Comment below with any questions.

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