20 College Ideas for a Comfy & Cozy Living Room

Find the perfect items for your living room with these inspo ideas!

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This post will show you tons of aesthetic college apartment living room ideas.

Have you been looking for the perfect way to create a cozy and comfy vibe for your college apartment living room? If so, then this post is definitely for you!

Getting your first college apartment may seem daunting because there are so many things that you need to buy. But this post will make creating your dream living space so much easier! You will get all the inspo you need to create a comfy and cozy living room that you will never want to leave.

The key to creating the perfect college apartment living room is ensuring you have all the necessities while adding fun items to give it that comfy and cozy vibe.

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And there are a few key items that you should be considering when creating your dream living space. For example, you will need the perfect furniture and seating to fit your space, as well as the proper lighting and storage.

And don’t forget to spice up your living space with cute decor! Adding some decor to your space may be just what you need to make your space incredible.

So, if you are curious about creating the perfect college apartment living room, check out this list of comfy and cozy but super cute ideas.


Coffee Table

A key item you will need for your living room is a coffee table! Not only will you need a table to complete your space (and a place to put your coffee in the morning), but you can also use it as a way to show off some fun decor items that you have for your space!

So, if you are looking for the perfect table to complete your living room, you may want to check out this coffee table. This round coffee table would be a great addition to any living room space and will go well with any decor you have!

Living Room Table Set

Not only is it important to have a larger table in your living room, but also you may want to consider a smaller table to place some of your necessities.

For example, to help transform your living space into a comfy place, you will want to make sure that you have a smaller table so that you can eat or even do work while in your living room.

This table set will be a great addition if you are looking for something to be able to lounge but also be comfy while multitasking!

Upholstered Bench

If you are trying to maximize the space in your living room, this furniture piece may be exactly what you are looking for!

This bench can work as a table or even a place to sit, so if you are looking for something that can be used for different things, this is for you.

2-Tier Round Side Table

You will also want to ensure that you have a smaller table near your seating area to place smaller items or even use for lighting.

For example, adding a smaller table like this one to your seating area would be perfect so you can have somewhere to place smaller decor items or a lamp.


Accent Chair

Seating is also an important part of creating your dream living space, so you will want to ensure that you have exactly what you need.

An accent chair is a great addition to the living room area where you need just a little more seating to complete the space.

A comfy chair like this teddy accent chair may be just the seating you need to create that comfy and cozy vibe for your living room.

Memory Foam Futon Sofa

Also, you will, of course, need some larger seating areas so that you have plenty of space for you and your friends to lounge.

So, you will need to purchase some kind of sofa. I recommend purchasing this memory foam futon sofa to make your living space extra comfy and cozy.

This sofa will be a great comfy seating addition to your living room that will make you not want to leave! As a bonus, it doubles as a spare bed when you have guests.

Faux Fur Folding Saucer Chair

If you are looking for another smaller seating option for your living room, another great one is this folding saucer chair. These chairs are great when you need additional seating for your living space.

These are one of my favorite types of chairs because you will definitely not want to leave them because you’re so comfy!

Twin Sleeper Accent Chair

For a really comfy and cozy vibe for your living room, you will love having a sleeper chair like this one!

This chair is perfect for those of us who love to lounge around in our living room areas. With this chair, you will be able to sit with friends as well as lay back and relax.


Table Lamp

You will also definitely need to get some lighting for your living room to create the perfect living space.

For example, this mushroom light will give you just the right amount of light in your living room to create a relaxing vibe!

I also love this mushroom lamp because it is a cute and trendy piece that you can add to your living area for decor.

Neon Light

You can also add some lighting to your living room area with some decor lighting, such as this neon light.

This pink neon light will give off a super cute vibe for your living room area and will also be a great way to add some cute decor to your living space.

Floor Lamp

Another fun way to add to your living space is with a floor lamp with shelves where you can add some decor or even some of the books you want to keep in your living room.

This shaded lamp will also give you that comfy, cozy feel you are looking for for your living room area!

String Lights

One of my favorite ways to add fun lights to a space is by using string lights like these!

These lights are even better than the usual string lights because you can add some of your photos to show off some of the fun pictures you have taken with friends and family.

Therefore, this makes these string lights not only perfect for your living room so everyone can see your super cute photos, but they will also help to create a cozy and chill vibe for your living space.


Throw Blanket

Decor is also a super fun way to spice up any college dorm or apartment, so you will want to ensure that you have plenty of decor that shows off a little bit of your personality while also making your living space comfy and cozy.

For example, you could get this throw blanket, which is not only going to be super comfy, but you can also get it in multiple different colors like this green to add something colorful to your living space!

Floor Mirror

Another fun way to decorate, which you may have seen before because it is pretty trendy, is with a big floor mirror like this one!

This floor mirror will be a great piece to add to your living room so that you can take a bunch of super cute mirror selfies with your friends.

Shaggy Rug

A shaggy rug is another great addition to any living space to make it a bit more comfy and cozy.

You can also get decorative with the rug you choose for your living area by purchasing a rug such as this pink shaggy rug with a fun design!

I think that a rug is definitely a must-have for any living room to complete the space and add a bit of design, so make sure to check out this rug when shopping for your college living room.

Decorative Pillow

Of course, you will also need some super cute and comfy pillows for your living room because you will want to ensure you and your friends are cozy while lounging around!

You can also get decorative with your pillows by purchasing a plush flower pillow like this one which will add a super cute and comfy item to your living space.

This will also be another great way to add some personality to your space with some color and design while also ensuring you are creating the comfy and cozy vibe you want for your college living space.


Storage Ottoman with Table Top

You may not have thought about storage furniture, but these are also a must-have for a living space because you will need areas where you can store the many items that you will have in your apartment.

But you can get some fun items for your living room to add to your comfy and cozy vibe while also ensuring you have plenty of storage space!

For example, you could get this storage ottoman with a table top, making it the perfect disguised storage item for any living area.

It will also give you additional tabletop space in your living room if needed!

Tiered Cart

This is totally a must-have for any college apartment! A bar cart is a super cute way to store food and drinks or decorate with other items like flowers and signs.

So, if you want to add a bar cart to your living room space, I highly recommend checking out this trendy tiered bar cart that will look adorable in your living area, especially if you get this pink one!

Media Console

A media console is also a really great item to add to any living space where you will want to lounge around and relax with your friends so that you have a place to put your TV, video game console, etc.

And, what’s great about media consoles is you can also use them for storage if you purchase one like this one that has additional space underneath to put some of your items or even to display some of your decor on top.

This media console will be exactly what you need to ensure you have all the gadgets to have fun while also relaxing in your living room while watching TV or playing video games with your friends.

Accent Cabinet

Also, you will probably want a cabinet for additional storage space if needed. So, I recommend purchasing an accent cabinet like this one that is smaller but also very good for storage and will go well with anything you have in your living area.

If this sounds like something you need, check out this accent cabinet to complete your space with extra storage!

Which college apartment living room ideas will you be purchasing from this list?

Which items do you like the most for your living room? How will you be decorating your college living room?

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