Thoughts We’ve All Had While Using BumbleBFF

Your next friend is just a swipe away!

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Recently, I graduated college and decided to travel across the United States, but what I didn’t realize was how lonely it would be moving to a new city alone. Since I work as a freelancer, I don’t necessarily have the option to make work friends.

To remedy my situation, I decided to give BumbleBFF a try. 

In case you aren’t familiar, BumbleBFF is a feature of the dating app Bumble. Released in 2016, BumbleBFF uses the app’s same swiping and matching algorithms to help users find new friends instead of new love interests.

Although it’s out of the social norm to make friends through an app, I figured I’d give it a shot. Why not, what did I have to lose? 

Here are my thoughts while engaging with this smart but insane app:

While Filling Out the Profile:

1. Photos of: me with my Pomeranian, check; weekend in Santa Fe, check; sipping out of a quirky mug, check 

What kind of photos would attract friends? Obviously photos of me with my pet. Think of all the pet dates we could have (although my dog only likes cats and they normally don’t like her back). Oh, well.

Definitely need some photos of me traveling to show how cultured I am. Although, I just started venturing out of my Texas bubble three years ago.

And lastly, a photo featuring my greatest addiction in life… COFFEE!

2. Yikes, I Literally Have No Hobbies

Does semi-watching NetFlix while scrolling through online stores count as a hobby? If it does, then my other hobbies include:

  • Visiting every coffee shop and bar in my city just because I can
  • Buying cute athletic clothes to inspire myself to work out… and then never working out
  • Baking all the things and then pawning the goods off on co-workers, group members, and friends because I’m trying to eat healthy
  • And reading, but I was told by a professor once that this doesn’t count as a hobby

While Swiping Through Photos:

3. Swiping left on potential friends feels so wrong!

Didn’t realize how similar this app would be to tinder and now I’m choosing friends based off of appearance. Thank the heavens there is at least a bio!

4. Did they mistake BumbleBFF for regular Bumble?

Although I think all women are beautiful, I’m getting wayyy more than I bargained for with some of these profile pics. Enough with the pouty, sultry looks and over-the-top cleavage.

5. Why don’t you have a bio?

Now I have to guess if we would be friends based off of your appearance and I’ve already concluded that I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.

6. I’m a lot pickier than I thought.

This might sound terrible, but I’m starting to swipe left on photos for the silliest of reasons. Most of the time, I just didn’t feel like we would have the same vibe. (I didn’t participate in Greek Life, so I tend to swipe left on the girls with sorority picture.) I’m starting to become aware of my subconscious biases.

7. According to our bios, behold, the thing we all have in common …

Wine & Netflix (need I say more?)

When Finding a Match:

8. Why didn’t I get matched with that person?

Am I not friendship material? I have past references that can indeed say I am.

9. I got a match!

It was meant to be. I’m already dreaming of all the BFF things we will be doing together! Like… going online shopping in our pajamas while semi-watching NetFlix.

10. Making the first move is intimidating

What do I say? Let’s see if I muster up something other than just a “Hello :)”

“Girl, are those space pants because… they’re out of this world! Seriously, we should go shopping together!”

…nailed it!

11. This is weird, am I right?

When all else fails, just make conversation about how weird making friends on “Friend Tinder” is.

When Meeting Your New Friend:

12. Seems like most people are content with just chatting on the app

The conversation has gone on for days and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. I came here for real friends, not just digital ones.

13. Okay, we’re meeting. This is just a friend date, why am I still nervous?

Would it have been less nerve-racking if I invited other people on Bumble and made this a group meetup?

14. Again: This is weird, am I right?

As before, when all else fails, just make conversation about how weird making friends on “Friend Tinder” is.

15. Actually, this is a cool experience!

After meeting with my first Bumble friend, I realized meeting a new person via an app isn’t that crazy. I got to meet someone I would have never otherwise. We shared experiences, related to one another, and drank coffee in a new hip spot. “Friend Tinder” does work!

Share Your Experiences

Have you used BumbleBFF before? And if you have, what were your experiences? We want to hear the good and the bad. Tell us all in the comments! 

3 thoughts on “Thoughts We’ve All Had While Using BumbleBFF”

  1. I am not 100% sure this is true, but I have heard the same profiles are used for both Bumble and BumbleBFF, so the girls with pouty lips/cleavage, etc may also be using Bumble for dating as well. Thus the sultry look

  2. I’ve used the BFF feature before. Made two good matches but only one made plans to hang out. I’d say it’s as hit or miss as regular Bumble or Tinder since some people rather talk on the app for days than meet.


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