5 Things You Have to Do at Disneyland Paris

Plan for the perfect trip to Mickey’s European home.

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Disneyland Paris to-do list

Today we continue our 5 Things You Have to Do at the Disney Parks series. (If you missed them, see our past posts on what to do at Disneyland CA and what to do at Walt Disney World.)

For our latest edition, we’re helping you plan the perfect trip to Disneyland Paris. As we all know, Paris is the city of love, culture, and art. But we can’t forget that it’s also a home for Mickey Mouse!

1. 25th Anniversary Celebrations 

With Disneyland Paris celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year, there’s no better time to plan a trip! Other than beautiful merchandise, and unique snacks and beverages, the celebrations are not to be missed.

On the parade route, Disney Stars on Parade looks to the stars as the first fully new parade since the 15th Anniversary. Also, the new nighttime spectacular Disney Illuminations takes the castle show to new heights! 

And if you’re a Star Wars junkie, adding to this is a well-rounded slate of brand new additions Star Tours: The Adventures Continue — an update but as good as a whole new attraction!

2. Crush’s Coaster

With twists and turns aboard a spinning turtle shell, this Paris exclusive Finding Nemo roller coaster feels exactly like you’re gliding along the EAC with Nemo and friends! 

Depending on the weight of each guest, your turtle shell will rotate and turn in different ways and with difference forces as you zoom through the undersea currents, so every ride is different. Totally awesome, dude! 

3. Bistrot Chez Rémy

Another Paris exclusive. Pull up a giant champagne cork and take a seat in this larger-than-life eatery. 

Here, oversized cocktail umbrellas, cookbooks and cutlery give you a rat’s eye view whilst you and your little colony indulge in Rémy’s special menu which includes none other than Ratatouille. Bon appétit!

4. La Tanière du Dragon 

This is just a walk-through to see the dragon that lives under the castle. “Just” is a serious understatement – there’s a DRAGON living under Sleeping Beauty’s castle! 

This attraction creates a sense of awe in guests young and old alike. I have stood in front of that dragon with suspended disbelief on multiple occasions, and consider this one of the highlights of Disneyland Paris. Do this whenever you can.

5. Big Thunder Mountain

Aboard a mysterious train deep in the heart of a legendary mountain, you’re in for a thrilling journey of dips and sharp turns beneath Rivers of the Far West and around a ghostly mining town.

In my opinion, this beats WDW’s Thunder Mountain! It feels faster and longer and is crazy cool to ride at night. 

Bonus: Be the last on Main Street, USA

This is my ultimate tip for visiting ANY Disney Park. Other than the experience being a total Instagram photo opportunity, its also super magical being the last on Main Street and saying goodnight to the castle. 

Dawdle, kill time, do whatever you have to do — just snap that photo and then, obviously, leave if they ask you to.

What do you think?

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? What are your top picks? Let us know in the comments below…

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