What a Lovely Line! Top 5 Reasons to Love LUSH

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It’s nice to have a go-to brand for when you’re feeling rushed but know you need something just right. Even the most experimental beauty lovers find it comforting to know that there’s a line that they can always go back to!

For me, a line that has never failed, whether it is in getting a treat for myself or a present for a friend, is Lush. Always charming, a little quirky, and refreshingly natural – Lush is a bath-and-body brand that makes you smell divine and feel soft and sensual. Peaked your interest? Check out the five categories in which Lush absolutely shines: bath bombs, “emotibombs,” perfumes, “smoothies,” and soaps.

1. Bath Bombs

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These bath bombs are like super spheres of joy. Fizzy and fragrant, they explode into beautiful bubbles that whisk all of your stress away! In addition to sensual scents, they also release fun surprises like crazy colors and flirty flower petals into your bathwater. Whether you want a happy holiday bath bomb like the Satsumo Santa – which smells of bergamot and mandarin –  or a fruity fragrance like Blackberry, these little beauties are a must-buy.

2. “Emotibombs”

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Edit: Unfortunately, Lush no longer carries these, but you never know, they may bring them back if you ask!

While baths are a much-loved treat for me when I go home, at school, I’m living the dorm life, which unfortunately means that it’s time to hit the showers when I need to get squeaky clean. However, Lush does not ignore those of us who choose, or have to, take a quick shower instead of luxuriating in a long  bath…

Dorm dwellers, meet the “emotibomb”! Designed to fizz with electric essential oils inside your shower, these are the perfect AM pick-me-up. Whether you have an early morning class, or have had a late night out, these are a must-have for the twists and turns of college life.

3. Perfumes

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Mark and Simon Constantine are the geniuses that have brought Gorilla Perfumes to Lush. Being hands-on kind of guys, they hand-blend every single fragrance as well! So whether you’re jonesing for Ginger (Edit: no longer available) or craving Vanillary, these perfumes are a perfect treat!

4. Soaps

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Here’s a counter-intuitive fact: the best soaps include much more than, well, soap! Lush soaps are only about 40-60% soap; the rest is all goodies – from fruits and veggies to essential oils. This also means that Lush soap is not as harsh and drying as other companies’ products. From the creamy vanilla-scented Rock Star to the bubble gum scented Godmother, you’re certain to find a Lush soap to suit your every craving.

5. Smoothies & Shower Gels

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There’s nothing worse than a shower gel that smells heavenly in the shower and then fades away the minute you leave the steam and suds and begin your day. This is simply not the case with Lush Smoothies – super soft and creamy shower gels that can also be used as shampoos in a hurry! Their shower gels are equally amazing. For winter time, my favorite is Snow Fairy – your guarantee for a sparkly, cotton candy-scented dream day, despite the dreariest of weather.

What do you think of LUSH?

Are you inspired by this line as well?  What are your favorite Lush products? Let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “What a Lovely Line! Top 5 Reasons to Love LUSH”

  1. i LOVE them too , bought a gift from them to someone and it was expired even before the day i bought it 🙁 , i couldn’t tell because it was wrapped already. So yea just be careful and make sure its not expired.

  2. I love their dusting powder, it is so nice in the summer to put into your bra before heading out on a hot day. It really makes a difference.

  3. I love Lush too! I don’t know how it is called in the US but in Italy it’s called atlantide shampoo and I love it, it’s perfect for my hair 😉

  4. LUSH has always been my go-to when it comes to gifts for the fabulous ladies in my life! Excellent line; can’t get enough of their yummy soaps!

  5. With Lush, I feel like their solid soaps are too stripping on the skin and the soap scents don’t linger. On the other hand, all their jellies and shower gels are absolutely amazing! The solid perfumes are another favourite of mine.

    (And Devin, thanks a lot for the paraben warning!)

  6. Lush is great and I love their stuff, but in my mall, the sales ladies wore nothing under their aprons in order to promote their stuff!! Not even underwear!! You could see everythingggggg. I’m not a prude normally, but this grossed me out. Waaaaaayyyyyyy too much sales associates.

  7. I’ve always wanted to try Lush products–there’s even a store near me! I may just have to take the plunge…thanks for all the great recommendations!


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