Packing for a Tropical Vacay: The 6 Beauty Items You Need for the Heat

No matter the destination, we’ve got a few tips on what to bring if you’re heading into (even) warmer weather.

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As the end of the semester looms, many of us college students are beyond ready for the summer months. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of breaking out your summer wardrobe after a seemingly endless winter.

Whatever this summer holds for you, be it working or taking some time for R&R, I bet you’ve probably got some cool trips planned, right?

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Whether you’re spending the weekend by the beach or heading south for awhile, there are a couple beauty essentials you’re going to need to battle the sweltering heat.

After you’re finished packing all the obvious items for your trip (see our favorite makeup essentials and our list of the best waterproof makeup to get started), here are a few beauty items you might not think to bring (but will definitely be needing!):

Travel-Sized Setting Spray

No matter what skin type you have, setting sprays are a must in hot weather. Having this makeup essential in a convenient travel-size makes traveling easier (just toss it in your carry-on) and allows you to be able to throw it in your purse or beach bag for long days in the sun.

Fellow sufferers of dry skin will appreciate the cool, refreshing, and hydrating mist of the Mario Badescu facial sprays, while oilier gals might want to stick to sprays that mattify and/or prolong makeup, like the iconic Urban Decay All Nighter.

Reapply your setting spray every 2-3 hours to keep you feeling calm, cool, and collected.

Soothing Aloe Face Mask

In the summer months, it’s nearly impossible to hide from the sun. This means it’s highly likely that you’ll get burned at least once over the course of the season. (Forget to reapply your sunblock even once, at your own peril!)

Everyone knows that aloe vera is the savior of burnt skin, yet no one seems to want to pack aloe products for vacation. Rather, aloe gel seems to be the first thing we buy on vacation (out of desperation) at the nearest supermarket after accidentally frying in the hot sun all day.

Since you know you’re gonna need it, why not be proactive about it?

Instead of purchasing a large tub of green gel for your trip (not the best thing to travel with, trust me on that), opt for an easier, more convenient aloe product.

I always find sheet face masks to be uber relaxing, especially in the summer when the coolness of the mask feels euphoric on the skin.

The Tony Moly Daily Fresh Aloe Sheet Mask comes with 10 masks to soothe and moisturize damaged skin. This pack will keep your skin cool and refreshed all vacation long, all for the low price of $8.50. (See our Tony Moly mask review for all the other amazing masks from this brand – we’re obsessed!)

Pop one on right before you’re ready for bed and let the ingredients sink in for 20-30 minutes before removing. You’ll wake up looking fresh and glowing every morning!

Travel-Sized Sunscreen

I know that sunscreen seems like a beyond obvious essential, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget. And even if you do remember to bring SPF, I bet it’s in a big, cumbersome bottle, right?

That’s why having a travel sized sunscreen is so important. While you’re out and about for the day, it’s not always convenient or practical to lug around a big bag of junk you might need.

Get a tiny tube of sunscreen that you can keep in your pocket or cross-body for emergencies. This way, you’ll have peace of mind and a lot more room in your bag for other “essentials”.

Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm

Despite the humidity I experience every summer, I still suffer from dry skin. And when I say “dry skin” what I really mean is dry everything, including but not limited to: the face, the feet, the hands, the hair, and yes, even the lips.

Lip balm truly is an everyday necessity for me, and even if you don’t suffer from Sahara-like skin, reapplying a hydrating balm throughout the day is a good habit to get into.

For the summer in particular, I gravitate towards a formula that is both super nourishing and contains SPF. In my experience, the best affordable lip balm on the market that checks both of these boxes is Blistex Medicated Lip Balm.

It’s not the most glamorous beauty item, but I reckon it’s quite an important one.

Spray Deodorant

Deodorant is an everyday essential, that much is true. But what I really think you need for a tropical vacay is the increasingly popular spray deodorant.

Dove and Degree both make comparable versions that get the job done. What makes these better than stick deodorant is that these spray versions will never bunch up in the armpit, creating little chunks of white deodorant that stick to your pits in an unsightly manner. This is especially problematic when wearing sleeveless tops.

The spray deodorants also won’t leave any kind of white cast on your armpits or on your clothes. So while they’re a hair pricier than stick deodorants, for the summer months it’s worth it to spend the extra dollars.

Waterproof Mascara

It’s no secret that waterproof mascara is notoriously hard to remove once it’s been applied to the lashes, but that’s part of what makes it so great for vacations in hot destinations.

Instead of worrying about raccoon eyes or having to touch up your makeup, skip the troubles and purchase the waterproof version of your favorite mascara like Lancome’s Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara or Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara (if you don’t already own it, that is).

During a long day at the beach or at an amusement park, the last thing I want to be doing is constantly checking my reflection for any makeup mishaps.

That’s why I’ll be packing some Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara on my next trip.

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What are your must-haves for a tropical vacay?

Have you been on vacation recently? If so, what beauty products did you pack? Any essentials I forgot? Let me know in a comment below.

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