Makeup Brushes 101

Discover the ultimate guide to makeup brushes. Which brushes should you buy first? Which are not worth it? Click here to learn!

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Makeup Brushes

One of the hardest decisions when first becoming makeup obsessed is choosing your makeup brushes. There are so many different brands and types that it can be hard to know where to start!

I know that there are a ton of questions surrounding makeup brushes, such as, “Do you need a whole brush kit?” “Are MAC brushes really worth it?”, etc. So I’m here to help. Watch the video below to see which types of brushes I think are really worth it and get started building your own makeup brush collection!

Makeup Brushes 101:

Makeup Brushes 101 - College Fashion

The Essentials:

The Extras:

  • A Brow Brush and Mascara Wand: Royal and Langnickel (The one featured in the video is part of a collection, but they do sell the brushes alone for about $2-4)
  • A Contouring Brush: MAC 168 Contour $34.00
  • A Duo Fiber Foundation Brush: Sigma Duo Fiber $18 (Sorry about the price difference!)
  • An Eyeshadow Brush: MAC 252 EyeShadow $30.00
  • A Fluffy Blending Brush: Sigma Blending $11.00
  • A Concealer Brush: Ecotools Concealer $7.98
  • A Thin Brush for Smudging: Royal and Langnickel Smudger (The one featured in the video is part of a collection, but they do sell the brushes alone for about $3-5)

Brush Cleaning Products:


What are some of your essential brushes? What’s your favorite brush? Where do you buy your brushes? Let me know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Makeup Brushes 101”

  1. I think good brushes are essential. I remember when I first starting become onbbessed I thought only brand name brushes would suit….ladies brushes from drug store, or target brushes are just as good as the brandname one. The brand name one are good as well. Sometimes its just tough to know what to choose.

  2. Yeah…I think MAC brushes are way too overpriced if you’re on a budget. The majority of my brushes are Sonia Kashuk, EcoTools, and ELF and they work perfectly well!

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I was just thinking the other day that it was time I invested in some makeup brushes, good timing!!

  4. That is the post of my dreams :p I don’t have any idea about brushes. I only know that the big on is for blush. :p And yeah the small one is for shadow. :p


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