How to Pull Off Bangs with Any Face Shape

Discover the best bangs for your face shape with our guide. Don't get bangs until you read these tips!
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The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to shake up your current beauty routine and start the semester off with a fresh, updated look.

For some, a swipe of deep plum lipstick or a manicure in the perfect shade of navy is enough to feel ready for the upcoming season change, but if you're craving a more dramatic and even permanent change, look no further than bangs. Bangs are the go-to cut for those wanting to add some drama to their look without sacrificing overall length.

Whether you're inspired by a full, thick fringe like Zooey Deschanel's, bold and blunt bangs like Rooney Mara's, or a feminine and flirty look like Taylor Swift's, read on to find the perfect bangs for your face shape, styling advice for bangs, and important things to consider before you decide to get bangs.

The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape:



Best Bangs for Oval Faces


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If you have an oval shaped face, consider yourself very lucky! Oval faces can handle most bang styles with ease, and can use bangs as a way to minimize face length or balance out a larger forehead. Although you'll look good with virtually any type of bang, the most flattering fringe look for you is long, thick, and eye-grazing bangs.

Best Bangs for Square Faces


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For those with a square shaped face, you'll want to stay away from blunt and un-texturized bang shapes in order to avoid looking boxy. Instead, try a layered, side-swept fringe that softens your strong jawline and focuses attention on your eyes.

Best Bangs for Heart-Shaped Faces


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Heart-shaped face gals can also pull off a variety of bang styles, but also have to be wary of drawing extra attention to a more prominent chin. The perfect bangs for you are tapered and wispy bangs that fall at or slightly below your eyebrows. This bang style will accentuate your gorgeous cheekbones.

Best Bangs for Round Faces


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The most important thing for anyone with a round face is to create angles that balance out the roundness. Longer bangs that are shaped around the perimeter of your face, creating an arch, will not only elongate your face, but also draw attention away from the sides of your face.

5 Steps to Styling Your Bangs

  1. Start the styling process immediately after you get out of the shower! Don't give your bangs a chance to start air-drying or they'll develop a mind of their own and it'll be almost impossible to get them to cooperate.
  2. For straight-across bangs: Blow-dry your bangs straight down using a paddle brush to pull bangs to one side for a few seconds, then to the other. Repeat going back and forth until bangs are completely dry.
  3. For side-swept bangs: Wrap bangs around a small (between 1-2.5 inches) round barreled brush and pull them towards the side you want them to lay. Aim your dryer over the brush and move from side to side as you brush through and smooth your bangs.
  4. For wispy, piecey bangs: Point your blow dryer straight down and move it side to side while you finger-comb your bangs. Once dry, run a tiny amount of pomade to the ends of your bangs.

More Tips for Getting Bangs

  • Make sure you really want fringe before you head to the stylist! Bangs take a long time to grow out, so you have to know you want them and understand that you'll be living with them for a while.
  • Only get your bangs cut by a hairstylist you know and trust. Go to a hairstylist who you have established a relationship with - they will understand your hair, its texture, and your style.
  • Bring a picture for inspiration and make sure to discuss exactly what you want with your hairstylist. He or she will be able to advise you on whether that style is even possible with your hair type and face shape and can guide you in picking a great bang style.
  • Understand that bangs are high-maintenance! Don't get bangs unless you're ready and willing to take the time to style your bangs each morning.  It can be annoying, but they will be out control unless you style them.
  • Dry shampoo will be your lifesaver! Since bangs sit right over your forehead, which unfortunately produces oil, you'll want to keep a can of dry shampoo in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day.

What do you think?

Will you be getting bangs this season? Do you already have them? Have any tips for styling or product recommendations? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

P.S. I just got bangs last week, so if you have any specific questions, ask away!

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