Halloween-Inspired Nail Art: Sailor Moon Manicure

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, before we even start this nail art post, can I just say I don’t understand how it’s the middle of October already? I’ve been too distracted by the stress of midterms and papers to even buy my first pumpkin flavored anything yet! That’s a crime.

But, here we are, smack-dab in the highpoint of fall, and you know what that means – Halloween is almost here! I have been super-geeked this year for the magical holiday to arrive, since I’m living out my childhood fantasy of being… um, drumroll please… Sailor Mars!

I don’t know about you guys, but I was a huge Sailor Moon fan when I was younger. Like, recess was dedicated to running around the playground pretending I was Sailor Mini Moon with my friends. Huh, that’s not embarrassing to mention at all.

My excitement for this year’s costume got me nerding out harder, since geeking usually just leads to more (possibly unnecessary) geeking, and bam! I have the coolest Sailor Moon-themed nails to share with you gals. I promise it’s not as difficult as it looks, but this nail art does take some good old time and patience. Scroll down to check it out!

Fighting Evil by Moonlight

In case you missed out on Sailor Moon, it was a popular anime-styled cartoon back in the ’90s about a young schoolgirl, Serena, who discovers she has the power to become the Sailor Soldier Sailor Moon. After awakening the other four Sailor Scouts, she must defend the Earth from evil while living the hectic life of a 14-year-old.

For this look, I decided to incorporate a few major components from the show. First up, we’re going to be creating the tiaras the Sailor Scouts wore on the foreheads. These are super-simple, and will be the main decor on our nails. I decided to do this on my index, middle, and pinky finger.

To help the colors really stand out, we’re going to be using a combination of white and black to make them pop. I first painted on a coat of this beautiful matte black polish – Sally Hansen’s “Chain Mail.” It dries quickly, and gives off a gorgeous matte finish, which is exactly what we need since we’re using shimmery polishes on top.

Tiara step 1 3

Next, using a gold polish, I simply made a bent line in the middle of my nail. Once dried, I placed a white dot in the middle of the tiara, then painted over it with either green, orange, red, or blue to represent each of the Sailor Scouts. That’s all there is to it!

Completed tiaras

Winning Love by Daylight

Time to create the infamous heart crystal Serena uses to become Sailor Moon. This one does require the most amount of steps, but is totally worth it!

Paint your nail (I chose to create this design on my thumb) with the same matte base coat, which helps balance all of the glittery and shimmery polishes. Next, we’ll make the base for our heart crystal. With a bobby pin and a white nail polish, create a rather large heart in the middle. The white will help the colors to appear richly pigmented, and not too opaque or runny.

Let this dry completely. Waiting the proper amount of time for nail polish coats to dry is essential when we’re layering up like this. You could always kill some time by watching a few episodes of Sailor Moon!

Heart 1 3

Next, paint the inside of the heart with a shiny pink – I’m using Sally Hansen’s “Hot Magenta.”Fill in the edges with a rich gold, and use a smaller tipped nail tool for a precise look. Using the same tool and color, add three dots to the top of the heart, making the middle one slightly taller than the others.

Heart 4 6

Once everything is dry, add a large white dot in the middle of your pink heart, with three lines intersecting it. Then, once it’s dry (notice a theme, here?), place a smaller dot on top in the same pink we used earlier. Outline this with gold while coloring over the white lines, as well. Then, dot on a green, orange, and red dot in the middle of your lines. Create the same pattern on the dots at the top of the heart, too.

Heart 7 8

Moon Prism Power

Finally, we can’t forget about Sailor Moon’s trusty sidekick: Luna! We’re going to be using the same technique I used in my previous nail post, so check that out if you need a more in-depth explanation for creating cat nail art.

I decided to use a gold as my base color, so I painted my entire ring finger that hue. Next, take that matte black we’ve been using to create a half circle towards the middle of my nail. Then, make two small triangles on each end. Using our trusty white polish, we’re going to fill in most of those triangles to create the ears. Go over the white with a cute pink to complete the ears.

Cat step 1 2

Next, create the crescent moon on her forehead. Use a small dotting tool to dot on a crescent shape in-between the ears. Once this dries, go over it with the gold polish. Now, just dot on the eyes and nose and you have Luna!

Cat step 3 4

She is the One Named Sailor Moon: The Completed Look

Sailor Moon nail art

What’d Ya Think?

What are your plans for Halloween? Did you watch Sailor Moon growing up? Would you wanna try out this look for yourself? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Did you know that a new remake of Sailor Moon is on Hulu called Sailor Moon Crystal? Just thought I’d mention it for all the fans! (fyi it’s subbed)


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