22 Creative Christmas Nail Art Ideas for the Holidays

Get creative this season with these Christmas nail art ideas!

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Are you looking for a fun way to show off your Christmas spirit this year? If so, you may want to consider trying out some Christmas nail art!

To help you in your search for the perfect Christmas nail art to try this holiday season, check out this list of 22 different Christmas nail art ideas that you will love.

Christmas Nail Art Ideas

1. Blue & White Snowflake Nails

Snowflakes Nail Art|Winter Nail Art|Christmas Nail Art|Fiochi di neve nail art|Madam Glam

This blue and white snowflake design will be perfect if you want some winter nail art to add to your nails this holiday season!

This nail look features a gorgeous and detailed winter nail look that features snowflakes and Christmas trees.

As seen in this video, you can also make this look even more fun by adding some dots with white nail polish to resemble snow on your nails.

2. Pink Gingerbread Nails


For those of us who want to try out more intricate nail designs for the holiday season, you may be interested in adding some 3D details to your nails.

For example, this pink gingerbread nail look will give you a super cute and girly look featuring 3D gingerbread and sweater designs.

Also, you can add some more sparkle to this look with some sparkly nail polish and some rhinestones!

3. Brown Christmas Nails


This brown Christmas nail look is perfect for those of us going for a different nail design than the usual Christmas designs.

For this nail look, you will add tons of different designs to your nails to achieve this super cute and cozy Xmas nails vibe. I absolutely love the sweater patterns and snowflakes and they look so chic with the neutral-toned beige, brown, and white polishes.

4. Sparkly Peppermint Tips


For a sparkly French-tip look this Christmas, you can add some glitter candy cane designs, as shown in this video tutorial!

This look will give peppermint-inspired designs for the tips of your nails with sparkly nail polish to make this look festive.

5. Pink Sweater Nails

Pink Christmas Nails | Sweater nails | Snowflake Nails | Gel-X Nails

Sweater nails are also a super cute design that you can do for this Christmas! For example, you could try out this pink sweater nail look that features sweater designs using pink nail polish.

You can also add other designs to make this look stand out more, such as the pretty pink and white snowflakes shown above.

6. Black Christmas Nails


Black Christmas nails may not have been a design that you thought of doing this Christmas, but they actually look really cool!

All you need to do to create this kind of look is make sure you have black and white nail polish to create striped and snowflake designs, as shown in this video.

7. Garland French tips

Many people love garlands around Christmas time, and you can add them to your nails with this Garland French Tips nail look!

To create this look, you will do a classic French tip on your nails, but you will add some garland designs onto your nails to make them festive for this season. Alternatively, you can pick up this set of press-ons on Etsy and just glue them on for the exact look.

8. Sparkly White Christmas Nails

Watch me do my Christmas nails | Christmas Gel X Nails

White can also be used to create holiday nails; it just depends on what kind of designs you are going for.

For example, these snowflake and sweater designs using white nail polish will create a soothing winter vibe for the holidays.

9. Teal Winter Nails


If you want a nail look using other colors instead of classic Christmas colors, you can also try out a nail design like this one!

This nail design used teal nail polish to create a super cool teal Christmas-inspired nail look with some teal sparkles, snowflake designs, and nail accessories like this adorable bow.

10. Grinch Nails

If you, like me, are obsessed with the Grinch, you will definitely want to do a Grinch-inspired nail look for the holiday season!

A Grinch nail look requires some nail art skills, so you should check out these press-on nails that feature the characters from the Grinch movie. No brush skills or salon visit required!

11. Red Christmas Nails

Red Christmas Nails I Nail art Tutorials I NOTPOLISH I ACRYLIC NAILS

Everyone knows red is a classic Christmas color, so if you love how red looks on your nails, you can create a gorgeous red nail design for the holidays like this one!

This nail look features some Christmas lights designs as well as snowflake and peppermint designs to complete the look.

12. Grey Snowy Nails

You may not have considered using grey for your holiday nail designs, but it’s actually a perfect color for creating some winter-inspired looks.

For example, you will love the white sparkly snowflake and sweater designs featured on these press-on grey snowy nails!

13. Tartan Nail Art

Tartan Recreation Set | Christmas Nail Art

As seen in this tartan nail design, you can also do cool red and black designs for the holiday season!

For this look, you will use red and black nail polish to create the tartan pattern on your nails. If you aren’t sure how this kind of vibe is achieved, check out this video to get the look.

14. Red & Green Plaid Nails

Another popular pattern that you can do on your nails for the holiday season is plaid! You can use red, green, and white nail polish to create a plaid design on your nails for the holidays, as shown on these press-on nails.

You can also totally make this look more festive by adding some sparkly nail polish to your nails!

15. Candy Cane Nail Art

EASY Christmas nail art with dip powder + gel polish (dip into kindness)

Adding candy cane designs to your nails is also a fun way to create a Christmas-inspired nail look. For example, this candy cane nail art look will look super cute on shorter nails for the holidays!

So, if you are considering shorter nail looks, you should try out this adorable candy cane nail look that features mini candy cane designs.

16. Plaid Christmas Nails


If you like the look of the plaid design on your nails but want to use colors other than the usual red and black tartan hues, then I recommend trying out this pink plaid nail design!

This nail look will give you a more girly look that you will love wearing for the holidays. Just watch this video tutorial to see how to get this look, featuring stunning rhinestones and 3D bows.

17. Reindeer Nails

If you want a more unique nail design for the holidays, I recommend checking out this winter-inspired nail look!

For this look, you will add reindeer and Christmas tree designs to your nails and a super cool heart-shaped window with winter candles. Or just buy these adorable press-ons to get the look without doing any nail art.

18. Let it Snow Nails

Quick Easy winter/Christmas nail art gel polish design

For those of us who want to add the look of snow to our nails, you will want to check out this “let it snow” nail design!

This nail design will create the illusion that you have real snow on your nails! If you have never tried a design like this before, watch this video tutorial to get all the details on recreating this snowy nail look. It’s such a fun texture that you can add to tons of nail looks.

19. Glow in the Dark Christmas Nail Art

For those looking for a colorful nail design that stands out this holiday season, I highly recommend this glow-in-the-dark Christmas-inspired nail look!

These pretty press-ons will give you a super cool and festive nail look with many different glow-in-the-dark nail designs inspired by Christmas to make your nails stand out this season.

20. Christmas Confetti Nails

If you want to incorporate all of the Christmas colors into your nail designs this year, I recommend trying out this Christmas confetti nail look!

These easy-to-apply press-on nails will combine all of your Christmas favorites into one nail look with a bunch of different super cute nail designs, such as reindeer, Santa, and candy canes.

21. Mistletoe Nails

This mistletoe design is a super cute and simple green nail design that you can do for the holidays!

To recreate this design from these press-ons, you will want to use green and red nail polish to create small mistletoe designs on your nails while also adding some other designs to your nails, such as these adorable snowflakes!

22. Red Foil Christmas Nails

🎅 Easy Christmas Nail Art Design | Red Foil Santa Bling Nails | Candy Cane | Madam Glam Advent

Another way to incorporate red into your nail design for the holidays is by using red foil. You can create super cool nail looks like this Santa-inspired design with red foil!

For this look, also make sure to use red and white rhinestones to complete the look.

What Christmas nail art will you be trying for this holiday season?

Have you tried Christmas nail art before? Which Christmas nail art from this list is your favorite?

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