3 Must-Try Products from Tarte

We review Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation, Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel, and LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint.

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Tarte highlighting moisturizer

Tarte is one of my favorite high-end makeup brands, but I feel that it sometimes gets neglected or overshadowed by some of the larger brands, like MAC or Benefit.

Tarte products are completely cruelty-free, and all makeup is free of parabens, triclosan, phthalates, and gluten, so these products are great for your skin! This brand is known for its popular maracuja oil and Amazonian clay-infused products, and make some vegan products, as well.

Since I’m such a huge fan, I’m going to clue you in on three of my favorite Tarte products. Let me know in the comments if you’re a fellow Tarte lover, too!

Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation

$38 at Sephora

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect foundation that doesn’t irritate my rosacea and other skin conditions, and makes my skin look flawless. This product is it. The finish is perfect; it’s “satin-matte,” meaning it’s not completely matte, but it doesn’t make your skin look oily. Because of this, you only need a bit of finishing powder.

The 12-hour claim is also not an exaggeration. It really does last 12 hours! I wore it from 11 am to 11 pm one night and I swear, it looked just as good as it did in the morning and didn’t oxidize at all. I didn’t even need more powder on my face. The price tag is high, but for the quality of this foundation, I think it’s worth every penny.

Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel

Tarte tinted brow gel

$21 at Ulta

This is one of those products that I reach for every single day. I find that doing your eyebrows daily is one of the most annoying things in the world, so this product makes it so much easier! Basically, this stuff is foolproof. Just brush the tinted brow gel onto your eyebrows, shape them, and you’re done.

I use this as an everyday product when I don’t want to take the time to fully fill in and my eyebrows, or I use it when I’m done filling in my brows as a “top coat.”  You could even use this if you just to keep any stray hairs in place. The color selection is great, too!

LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint

Tarte LipSurgence SkinTuitive lip tint

$24 at Sephora

This type of product normally weirds me out a little bit. How does it know what color to turn into on my lips? What is this sorcery? However, to me, this one feels a lot less weird. This “Skintuitive” lip tint uses your skin’s natural pH to determine what color would be perfect for your skin tone.

It also acts as a lip plumper by upping your lips’ water content without that burning feeling. Also, I adore the scent! It’s a light mint, which I totally love. In my opinion, the price is kind of high, especially since it’s just a lip product, but I find that I use this every single day. If you’re looking for a unique new lip product, try this one out.

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “3 Must-Try Products from Tarte”

  1. Tarte is my favorite brand EVER!!!! I rave about it to my friends and I’m constantly on their website looking for the latest products and deals. They often have makeup sets/kits that have enormous value for a small price tag – one time I got I think like six (full-size!) of their lip tints for $40. That foundation is my HG foundation, though lately I’ve been playing around with the Physician’s Formula CC cream (since I completed Accutane my skin is looking really good and doesn’t need the coverage it used to). Another awesome product from their line is their Amazonian clay blushes, I would highly recommend it. Oh, and the maracuja oil they sell is incredible stuff but lucky for me (unlucky for them!) I’ve been able to find it for much, much cheaper online from another online retailer.

  2. I ? Tarte~ my sister got me a travel trio of lip/cheek stains & since then I’ve been obsessed (altho to my everlasting disappointment, I can no longer find the travel sizes…)

  3. I love these product suggestion articles, but a picture of you using them would be very helpful. Like, it’s nice to know that you think the foundation is great, but I’d love to see a picture of you pre-foundation, and then with it on, and then maybe a few hours later.

  4. Ditto to what Cara said about ladies with sensitive skin – Tarte’s Maracuja concealer is one of the only concealers that stays put on my undereye circles AND doesn’t make my eyes water like crazy.

  5. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara is hands-down my favorite makeup product of ALL TIME.

    If you have sensitive eyes, you need this mascara. I had given up wearing mascara for years because it all, drugstore or high-end, made my eyes itch and swell red. Then I found Tarte’s LCL and it was love. I can actually wear it every day!

    So, just a tip to sensitive-skinned girls – Tarte is all-around amazing, but there mascaras are especially amazing.

  6. The foundation was good. For me, it did not last 12 hours. It did match me well and blended nicely. However, it felt really thick on my face because of the whipped texture and because of the price tag, I wouldn’t repurchase.

    I think Lights, Camera, Lashes (purple packaging) was a nice mascara. I’ve tried their blushes, which again, nice. Lastly, the primer is good.

    Overall, I would say this line is “good”. Their packaging and the fact that they are more natural is very alluring, but it’s not the best and I’ve definitely had better luck with other high end and even drugstore brands.


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