Would You Wear… Denim Culottes?

You’re going to love them or you’re going to hate them.

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Talk about a polarizing style! Denim culottes are one of spring’s biggest trends. We predict there will be plenty of pushback on this one, even though they’re “in.”

Culottes have been steadily making a case for themselves over the past few seasons. They’re now arguably mainstream and suddenly denim versions are appearing everywhere. This look is quite casual, so we suggest pairing them with a loose tee or crop top if you’re brave enough to rock ’em.

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Denim culottes: yea or nay? 

Would you wear this trend? If you’re all in, how would you wear them? Comment below – we’ve got to know what you think about this one! 

1 thought on “Would You Wear… Denim Culottes?”

  1. These just remind me of the terrible all-jean outfits that everyone makes fun of from the early 2000s… Kind of hate them


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