Would You Wear… a Layered Ruffle Sleeve Top?

It’s unexpected, trendy, and so fun.

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Layered ruffle sleeve top trend (left to right): jade green crew neck long sleeve top from Madewell, 3/4 length sleeve heather grey top with soft peplum from Modcloth, and a black and white striped long sleeve fitted top with bell sleeves from Free People.

Products L-R: Madewell, Modcloth, Free People

It’s storytime! Every few years, we fall in love with ruffles. We buy ruffle dresses, tops, and skirts. Then as time goes on, we fall out of love with ruffles and stand in our closest with horror, tossing out the ruffled pieces we thought we loved so much, wondering why we liked them in the first place. (Can any of you relate?)

This season, it’s the layered ruffle sleeve top that has us rethinking our on-again-off-again relationship with this look. I mean, how cute is that striped Free People one up top?!

Layered ruffle sleeves are architectural and feminine, but also polarizing. We think we’re obsessed but… is this something we’ll hate in six months? We need your help on this one, as we can’t decide whether we really want to put ruffles all over our arms.  

Layered ruffle sleeve trend (left to right): long plum sweater from Anthropologie, pale pink ruffle pullover sweater from Target, and tiered ruffle burgundy sweater from Forever 21.

Products L-R: Anthropologie, Target, Forever 21

Ruffles: love them or hate them?

Would you wear a top with sleeves covered in ruffles? Do you like this trend? Comment below and share your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Would You Wear… a Layered Ruffle Sleeve Top?”

  1. Oh, man, I love this trend, and will stockpile a bunch of ruffled tops whenever they’re in fashion, and then break them all out again whenever they’re back in fashion, which I have definitely been doing now. Aside from the addition of multilayered ruffles, I don’t find this year’s ruffles are all that different from previous years’ ruffles.


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