Would You Wear… A Pom Pom Sweater?

Nothing says party like pom poms.

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Pom pom sweater trend from left to right: tan pom pom cableknit sweater with rainbow pom poms from Anthropologie and a white sweater with small black pom poms from ASOS.

Products: Anthropologie, ASOS

It’s a simple fact of life you cannot be sad while wearing the pom pom sweater trend. Do you want to be sad? We didn’t think so. Time to go sweater shopping.

Pom pom sweaters are everywhere all of a sudden. Big pom poms, colorful pom poms, or monotone pom poms the same color as the sweater… you name it, it exists. There’s something about this trend that gives it a vintage vibe, yet it could easily be modernized with some boyfriend denim or shiny faux leather leggings. 

Pom pom sweater trend from left to right: mint green crew neck pom pom sweater from Modcloth, grey cableknit oversized sweater with neon pink pom poms from Zara, and a simple white pom pom sweater from Lou & Grey.

Products: Modcloth, Zara Kids, Lou & Grey

Are you in or out on this trend?

Would you wear a pom pom sweater? If so, would you rock a bold and bright one full of big pom poms, or would you opt for a more subtle style? Let us know below!

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