5 Bathing Suits Under $75 to Help You Slay During Spring Break

‘Tis Spring Break season. We’re almost there!

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We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel… Spring Break is slowly but surely approaching and students everywhere are getting excited. Test coming up? That’s okay, sunshine will be here soon. Have a stressful day? No worries, your mind is already at the beach.

Naturally, a beach vacation necessitates a great bathing suit, so today we’re helping you out with that crucial aspect of Spring Break planning. 

Here are 5 bathing suits under $75 that you’ll be excited to show off in just a few weeks. Better start swimsuit shopping now before the best deals are gone!

1. The Bikini Lab Floral One-Piece

Women's one piece bathing suit from Nordstrom
A floral, lace-down one-piece bathing suit, what more could a girl ask for?

Sage Plunge High Leg One-Piece Swimsuit

This “retro” one-piece swimsuit will send off vintage vibes on the beach. Rock this scoop back, tropical-print swimsuit and everyone will be jealous. This swimsuit is ideal for all body types and will work with a variety of personal styles, from boho to romantic to edgy. Get it before it’s gone!

2. Topshop Tie-Dye Bikini

Women's tie dye bikini set from Topshop USA.
Are you ready for the tie dye trend to return? Ready or not, this swimsuit is calling your name!

Tiedye Soft Plunge Bikini Set

Channel your inner “bohemian-chic” self on the beach. This classic bikini set gets shaken up with the addition of a tie dye pattern and yes, tie dye is making a comeback! Whether you are “hipster” or not, tie dye is perfect for the beach – so get on the bandwagon.

3. Target Black & White One-Piece

Women's one-piece bathing suit from Target.
Make your statement with this simply chic swimsuit. 

Sea Angel Women’s Lace Halter One Piece – Bordeaux

This trendy one-piece with lace trimming is glamorous and classic. Without even trying, you are stylish and making a fashion statement. The plunging neckline and sleek fit will make your body look even more stunning than it already does. Black plus lace is the perfect combination for all women.

4. Rhythm “Let’s Get Sunkissed” One-Piece

Let's get sun kissed women's swimsuit one piece.
Who wants to get sun kissed?

Sunkissed One-Piece Swimsuit

One-pieces are always a fashion yes, and this one has throwback Baywatch vibes. Some would call this a vintage swimsuit, but it is more fashionable in 2018 than ever. Slogans are in, and this shade of orange is calling your name. 

5. Fashion Nova Strapless Bikini

Women's swimsuit set from Fashion Nova.
Time to get our tan on.

The Perfect Tan Bikini – Red

I absolutely love the shape of this bikini — the high-waisted bottoms and the bandeau tube top look killer together. It is perfect for the girl who is ready to show her curves — it’ll make you look and feel sexier than ever. It is available in three different colors: black, red, and mauve. This suit may be simple, but it is bold and alluring. 

What bathing suit will you be rocking this spring break?

Whether you choose a one-piece bathing suit or a simple bikini set, we want you to look and feel the best you can this spring break. There are so many options out there, these are just a few. 

Get ready to have the time of your life, and look flawless while doing so! Cheers to almost Spring Break season. 

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