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A f jeans collection

This week, I headed to Abercrombie & Fitch to check out their new jean collection and accept their challenge to find my Best Fit Ever. Armed with a gift card and the knowledge that you can get any jeans in store for $35, I was ready to find my perfect summer denim look.

My A+F Denim Shopping Experience

A+F ultra soft stretchy fabric jeans

As I recently learned, Abercrombie has expanded their jean collection, offering a ton of different styles, with cuts including skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, boyfriend jeans, jean leggings, and jeggings, all in various washes and rises. I had also heard about the special back pocket placement, that was rumored to make your booty look extra perky, so I couldn’t wait to see for myself what the buzz was all about.

To find my perfect fit, I grabbed a bunch of different pairs and hit the fitting room.

I started with the A&F Super Skinny in a dark wash – you can choose the length of your jeans, so I grabbed a long pair to cuff for a cute summer vibe. The jeans were stretchy, made of super-soft denim, and featured some cool whiskering.

I am a huge fan of boyfriend jeans, and I found a pair in a super light wash, almost white – ideal for the season! These jeans featured hand-done destruction which was really cool and had a super comfy, relaxed fit.

My perfect fit, however, was the A&F Jegging . In a medium wash that works for any season, these jeans have the right amount of stretch so they’re comfy to wear all day but still look like jeans. Being able to choose the leg length, I opted for “S” to show off my flats and sandals. What really sold me on this pair was… dun, dun, dun, the fit on the butt. I loved what the pocket placement along with some strategic whiskering did for my booty!

Back to School OOTD Featuring A+F Jeggings

Outfit of the day for back to school: A+F jeggings, military jacket, white tee, necklace, cheetah flats

I styled my jeggings for a casual day by pairing them with some eye-catching leopard print flats, a simple white t-shirt, and a light army jacket. As I mentioned before, the ankle length shows off my footwear, in this case my favorite leopard print flats! If I were going out later, I would switch my flats and tee out for some heels and a cute blouse.

A+F jeggings and cheetah ballet flats

Close-up of the whiskering and wash.

While my jeggings appear to be very snug fitting, their stretchy material makes them easy to slide on and comfortable to wear and move around in.  I’m so happy to have found my perfect fit!

Get Your Perfect Jeans at A+F for $35!

To find your perfect jeans, head to Abercrombie & Fitch and take advantage of their all jeans in store for $35 sale (note, this applies in store only) – you may find that you have not just one, but several perfect fits thanks to all the different styles available.

For more info on their new jeans and more,: Follow @abercrombie on TwitterFollow @abercrombie on Instagram.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch and a gift card to the store was provided for free. The opinions, as always, are our own. For more information, please see our Disclosure page.

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8 thoughts on “Sponsored: Find Your Best Denim Fit Ever with Abercrombie & Fitch”

  1. You know, I worked for A&F and Hollister from 2005-2010 and while the corporate side of the company was pretty ridiculous, I loved working there at the store level.
    Everyone knows what the media portrays, “A&F doesn’t like large people” “A&F only hires attractive skinny people” “A&F doesn’t carry large sizes” “A&F is racist and discriminates” and blah, blah, blah.

    Well, here are some things that the media doesn’t tell you about A&F and the reasons I stayed there for so long…
    They hire seriously amazing people! I have met some of my closest, oldest, and best friends through working at Hollister and A&F. I worked for three different stores in various positions for my 5 years with the company and one thing that was always the same at every store was the quality of people working there.

    A&F does, to some extent, hire based on looks, but not anywhere near what the media portrays, each store has at least 2 very slim attractive girls and 2 muscular attractive guys to be their “Planner Photo models” (for those who don’t know, all of the marketing for Abecrombie and Fitch companies is modeled by current store associates. That is why you don’t see advertisements for any of their companies, because the stores are meant to be the marketing) You weren’t allowed to wear makeup there, so if you weren’t comfortable and confident with a clean face then you probably wouldn’t be hired. I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing that a company wants to hire their models and do their marketing all on the store level. It’s an unconventional tactic that certainly made them stand out, even if it was taken the wrong way.

    The rest of the staff though? Just like you and me. The #1 hiring qualification (even more important than looks) was having a great personality. You could be gorgeous, but if your personality sucked you wouldn’t have much of a chance being hired on. Another huge qualification, diversity. Each person had to give an acceptable definition of diversity in their interview. If they didn’t their app automatically went in the trash regardless of any other qualities they had. We had people of all races, ages, sexes orientations, and yes, even sizes, working at our stores, and I have friends of all different kinds and backgrounds now because of it. And as far as that rumor that “they stick the ugly, fat, or non-pretty people in the back.” Not true. There were still attractive people in the back and there were some non-conventional people on the floor. They hired like any other company- who was best suited for what position. If you were talkative and would say the taglines you got floor time, if you were analytical and preferred working alone you would work in the back. A lot of us did both.

    The company didn’t leave much room for discrimination. There were no promotional opportunities (managers are required to have 4 year degrees), there were no pay raises [after 2007] and there were no more than 20 hours a week for most people. They told everyone that at the interviews. The reason people still wanted to work there? The people.

    As far as size is concerned, the sizes at Hollister went up to a size 12 while I was working there. In my experience that’s a pretty large size. Will it fit everyone? no. Will it fit most people? yes. And keep in mind that the clothes at HCO are for high school aged girls. We definitely had some larger girls working at our stores and they had no trouble fitting into the clothes, which all of us were required to wear. If you couldn’t wear the clothes then you probably wouldn’t be applying to work there in the first place, another thing to keep in mind when you hear that these companies “didn’t hire larger women.”

    Sorry this has become tl;dr, but I just wanted to give some inside perspective on this company and let you know that while the corporate side was/is monstrous (even us employees disagreed with a lot of the things they have been in the media for) it wasn’t all bad, and hasn’t been portrayed entirely accurately. You always hear the bad, but you don’t always hear whats behind the bad, or any of the good. I don’t condone what they stood for, but having worked for them for half a decade I witnessed a changing and struggling company and I understand there’s a lot more involved than just what the media has presented to the public.

  2. It makes me really happy to see so many of us taking a stand against a company that has shown such negativity and poor values. I love you all and am so proud of us 🙂 I do hope the company changes, their stuff is adorable but I can’t being myself to buy anything until I see changes.
    BTW, you look gorgeous and that outfit is extremely well put together 🙂

  3. I will never support Abercrombie & Fitch knowing what they’re CEO and company in general stand for. They’re contributing to so many young teenagers feeling bad about themselves because they just happen to not be a size zero.

  4. You look beautiful!

    That being said, I don’t think A&F has an place on CF. What I’ve always liked about this site is that it caters to girls of all shapes, sizes, and styles. A company that proudly excludes so many people doesn’t go along with the message that CF has always expressed: that any and every girl can be beautiful.

  5. Agree with the other ladies ^^. I think CF should really distance themselves from Abercrombie and Hollister. Both companies are not great companies and I would never purchase anything from those stores.

  6. I can understand and appreciate sponsorships and sponsored posts, but knowing how much of a pig their CEO is, I really can’t get behind purchasing their products, even if they’re cute.


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