Monthly Favorites: May 2019

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Hello CF readers! It is already the month of May and although it’s still spring, the summer festivities have officially begun.

The sun is out and I hope you all have been spending plenty of time at the pool, playing some sports, and visiting with friends and family.

This month, I have been able to relax a little more as school came to an end, focus on some leisurely reading, family time, and gym time. So let me show you some of my favorite things this month!

Libby App

If you are a book lover, you NEED this app, pronto! Libby, by OverDrive is an app that pairs with local libraries to offer members access to free digital and audio books right to your device.

All you need is a participating library, library card, and the Libby app! It is completely free and you can even download your checked out books to your Kindle account. This is a great way to read more while staying on budget.

Cat Grass Seeds

Cat grass is about the only plant that I have ever been able to grow without killing. If you have a cat, get this immediately because they love this as a treat. Even if you don’t have a cat, this grass can easily become a decorative centerpiece of your room.

All it requires is soil, periodic watering, and some indirect sun — so it’s great for novice plant owners. It pretty much grows overnight and is super low maintenance. I also love the bright green pop of nature it brings into an otherwise dark room.

Triangl Bikini

Triangl is a pretty popular bikini brand, especially on Instagram, and is a little pricey, but high quality. Their products are made out of neoprene (scuba material), which is great for swimming and lasts a long time. Furthermore, Triangl has a specific style that stands out today. I love their products because they are stylish and fit amazingly well.

You may know Triangl from their initial bikini top designs with visible stripes horizontally and vertically along the cups. The design has been highly copied by other brands. However, they also have some new and updated designs this season!

Calms Forte

Calms Forté is a homeopathic sleep aid that “targets and relieves the symptoms of restlessness with accompanying stress, anxiousness, nervousness and irritability.” I tried it to help improve my sleep and lower my stress level.

Because it’s completely natural, you might not think it would work, but I’ve had great results with this. I find that it helps me get great sleep at night! I also never feel any side effects or grogginess upon waking.

Your mileage may vary (I know homeopathic products are controversial), but this has worked for me.

Lululemon Bag from Poshmark

So, I am super late to the Poshmark party and I have missed out! But this month, I found an awesome Lululemon bag from a previous season that I had been wanting for a long time, but couldn’t find anywhere.

Not only did it come in pristine condition, I also got it for a fraction of the original price. I haven’t stopped using the bag all month and I will definitely go back to Poshmark the next time I need anything name-brand.

Favorite Music Video of the Month: Old Town Road – Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Movie) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Old Town Road is a unique and catchy song that mixes rap and country. The song is just a fun tune that is about riding your horse and totally stylin’ in country fashion.

This music video came out this month and got over 71 million views in ten days! I love the many cameos, as well. Give it a watch or two!

What were your favorite things this month?

What were your favorite things to use this month? Favorite songs? Share with me in the comments!

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