Enter the Avelle 5th Anniversary Giveaway!

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Avelle Giveaway

Today CF is partnering with nine other top fashion blogs in a promotion sponsored by Avelle to talk about our favorite designer handbags and do a $250 giftcard giveaway in celebration of Avelle‘s 5th Anniversary!

Since many of you responded a few weeks ago that you are against designer knockoffs, Avelle is the perfect solution if you’re on a budget but still want to carry a real designer bag. You can rent most bags by the week for a reasonable fee and return the bag when you’re done. Even better, a portion of your rental fees go toward buying the bag should you want to keep it in the future.

If you want to try Avelle out for yourself, I’m giving away a $250 gift certificate to one lucky reader! For all the contest details, keep reading.

My Favorite Designer Bags

Before we get to the contest, I thought I’d feature some amazing bags here. If I were renting from Avelle, here are the 9 designer bags I’d most want to borrow!

Designer Handbags

1. Balenciaga Arena City Handbag – I’m unhealthily obsessed with Balenciaga bags. While I don’t own one yet, I plan to someday buy myself a pink City bag similar to the one pictured above! Balenciaga is a brand whose handbags are known for their buttery soft leather, unique hardware, and investment-bag status. Renting this bag might tide me over until I get a real City bag of my own.

2. Burberry Leather Hobo with Spikes – How badass is this Burberry bag? I’m obsessed with it! I know it’s hard to see because the picture is so small, but it’s a leather bag covered in studs, which I LOVE right now. The bag is pretty and shiny with just the right amount of bad girl edge. This is probably the number one bag I would rent from Avelle if given the chance!

3. Cynthia Rowley ‘Angie’ Tote – I really love the color of this one, and I think it would be perfect for spring. The girly design reminds me of flower petals, and the size is just right – not too big, not too small.

4. YSL ‘Muse’ Handbag – A total classic in chic patent leather. Do I even need to explain why I love this one? Okay, I’ll make it quick – the YSL Muse would go with everything, would hold all my essentials, and would make me extremely blissfully happy in the process.

5. Jimmy Choo ‘Ramona’ Patent Ring Handbag – I love Jimmy Choo bags, and this style is one of my favorites. White bags are perfect for spring, and the Ramona is simply flawless. The patent leather is a fun material choice, and the gold hardware helps set it off. I also love the lace-up detail at the top of the bag – so cute!

6. Valentino Side Bow Duffel – This one is the epitome of girly – isn’t it so Gossip Girl? The black patent leather makes it basic enough to take everywhere, but the pretty bow detail brings it from everyday to special-occasion status.

7. BE & D Garbo Satchel Handbag – I love the color of this bag as well, but I really chose it because it’s covered in studs! You know how obsessed I am with studs. This bag definitely wouldn’t be something I’d wear every day but could be so fun with the right outfit.

8. Felix Rey ‘Emma’ Tote – Again with the studs. Notice a pattern here? Avelle’s description of this bag is the best: “Ideal for prom queens who like to date bad boys.”

9. Mulberry ‘Roxanne’ Tote – I had to include this one because it’s one of the only hot pink bags Avelle carries. Since pink is my favorite color, I’m all for pink bags. I think this one would be great for everyday – it would hold all my notebooks for class and probably even my Macbook while adding a pop of color to any outfit.

Avelle Giveaway Details

You’ve seen my handbag picks – now it’s time to share yours. The best part? One lucky CF reader will win a $250 Avelle gift certificate!

How to enter: Now that you’ve seen my favorite Avelle bags, I want to see yours! Visit Avelle’s website, find a bag you like, post the link in the comments section of this post, and write a little bit about why you like it. Don’t forget to include an email address when you comment.

On May 13th I’ll choose randomly from all the entries, and the lucky winner will be announced here.

You have from now until May 12th at midnight to enter the giveaway, so get going and be sure to tell your friends to enter too!

212 thoughts on “Enter the Avelle 5th Anniversary Giveaway!”

  1. My favorite would have to be the Isabella Fiore “Chain Attraction” Desta Satchel Handbag. It’s basically a go-anywhere bag – appropriate for work, shopping, even a night out! And since I’ll be running around a ton this summer with two fashion internships, it would be perfect. Also, it’s purple, which is one of my fav colors of the moment!


  2. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Fendi/Fendi-Pebbled-Leather-Spy-Handbag/11697/3060/801129

    I know the Fendi Spy bag is not exactly the “it bag” anymore for celebrities, but I have never been able to get over my purse-crush. I love the way leather purses feel and imagining the texture of those handles makes me melt. Like you mentioned about neutrals in a previous blog post, I’ve always been a dark brown girl. My shoes have updated to rocker-black, but there is just something about dark brown leather purses that I think will always hold my fancy.

  3. I’ve been lusting after the Louis Vuitton Monogram Satin Aumoniere Evening Handbag on the since 2006 (…when I was 16 and planning prom.. really). If I had this bag, I would dress like a princess everywhere.


    and choice #2, more versatile, I think, is the Cynthia Rowley ‘Lena’ Handbag

    in which I would stow my iphone & id card, and wear with ripped jeans, flowing skirts, minidresses, and everything else in my closet. This bag completely works with almost every item I own. I already have 1 Cynthia Rowley bag, but it’s much larger & very hard to use in the everyday (like a black hole for small lipglosses, my car keys, etc).


  4. It would be the Jimmy Choo ‘Monna’ Leather and Suede Tote for me. The zippers, the blackness, the coolness of it! I would die. it’s just bananas!

  5. I really like the Rafe New York Crackle Leather ‘Reese’ Medium Shoulder Handbag because it seems pretty versatile, like you could wear it with jeans or with a little black dress. Love the bold pink color it comes in! Thanks!

  6. I love the Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Monogram Satin Aumoniere Evening Handbag because it goes very nicely with my outfit that I’m wearing to a wedding I’m attending this summer.

  7. My picks: (so many!)

    Cynthia Rowley ‘Angie’ Tote
    Miu Miu Matelasse Top Handle Tote
    Balenciaga ‘Work’ Handbag
    Marc Jacobs Vintage Snakeskin & Leather Satchel
    Elliott Lucca ‘Etoile’ Large Satchel Handbag
    Be&D Garbo in Black

  8. Prada Framed Leather Satchel Handbag

    I have been looking for a nice creme colored purse for awhile, but generally the color is off. This one is just right!

  9. What a genius idea! I would be most inclined to rent the Fendi Large Leather Chef Tote! I just love the vibrant orange color and it would totally POP against many of my favorite summer outfits!
    Thanks for the giveaway – please enter me.

  10. You can’t go wrong with a Chloe. All the bags are classic pieces that can be matched with just about anything. With the trend of mix and matching neutrals, this bag would be a great everyday bag for a casual out or dressy outfit. Regardless, the Chloe would be the outfits centerpiece. LOVE IT

  11. My favourite bag has to be Betsey Johnson’s ‘London Calling’ because as a Londoner myself I think this empitomises the cool quirky fun young atmoisphere of London. I also love the colour as its a neutral in a eye popping colour- genius! It also helps that I’m a Clash fan….

  12. so, at first i had a mustard juicy couture bag in mind – a. because i am in love with this season’s mustard trend and b. because i love everything juicy. upon further searching on the site, i found the following bag..


    i fell in love with this bag! it’s a neutral so it will go with everything. it is very unique with the bow detail in the front. and finally, i love the twisted handles. i’m just a poor college student, so i’ve never owned a bag this pricey, but renting is extremely tempting!

  13. I saw this bag and found absolutely adorable! It’s perfect for the summer with the bright coral like color and gold accents. Its hobo style is great as well (Im a big fan of Hobo style handbags!) And its a good size to put lots of stuff i may need throughout my days at the beach or parties or picnics!

  14. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Betsey-Johnson/Betsey-Johnson-Butterfly-Bling-Tote/12406/18/628

    I love this bag. Betsey Johnson is my favorite designer. She is edgy and a feel of Rock n’ Roll. The reason I love this bag is the color. Pink is so hot and it has “faux snakeskin trim”.

    I love wearing simple clothing and colorful big accessories. I love that this bag is just the right size to fit everything you need from make up bag to your cell phone.

  15. I’m a guy, but I know my wife and daughter would select the Valentino Side Bow Duffel. So much room for all their stuff.

  16. If I had all the money in the world I would get the Chanel Vintage 2.55 Quilted Bag. It is classic and elegant. I would take it to a fabulous dinner on top of the Space Needle and dine in the stars. I would fill it with a vintage compact and red lipstick. 😀

  17. The Botkier ‘Sasha’ convertible duffle/hobo handbag is pretty much what I’ve been dreaming of having in hand for my first day of law school…chocolate Italian leather: yummy!

  18. I looove the Chloe Small ‘Paddington’ Satchel Handbag. Besides the fact that its black and therefore goes with anything, its the perfect size and the shape is just perfect. I love the pebbled leather and the gold hardware and the padlock closure. Super cute and sexy too. Hope I win !

  19. Not only is this bag chic, but it is very settled, unlike bags such as Coach or Channel. Louis Vuitton bags don’t show off their logo, but it’s classiness is world-known yet refined. That’s why I would love to actually magnanimous bag, that is very difficult to obtain.

  20. I am nuts about the Betsey Johnson ‘Rock Stud-y’ Satchel Handbag. It’s a little edgy yet practical and simply designed and I love the pearl gray color. I don’t like white too much but this is a nice substitute color for me.

  21. My favorite is the Valentino Histoire Pearlized Tote. It narrowly edged out the Patent tote because (with three kids) I don’t need the stress of keeping it ‘real’ – a.k.a. clean! 😉

  22. I love the Betsey Johnson ‘Take a Bow’ N/S Frame Handbag! This would be a perfect bag for work. It is so cute and it would go well with much of my wardrobe. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I want to tote around the MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Astor’ N/S Tote. However, I wouldn’t mind any of these bags, that is for sure.

  24. OMG! I absolutely LOVE this Gustto Pavia Leather Hobo in Fusia Pink. It is so NOT me. I always say Im going to “TRY” to get out of my always using a black purse thing but then I get scared to try something new and bold, scared that it might not match with something, Lazy to change purses etc. This whole renting thing is an absolutely AWSOME idea, not only economical but lets you have a new purse every week or month. I can’t wait to start, maybe this will get me out of my old black purse phase Ive been in for my entire adult life now. Awsome purse.

  25. I love the Gucci ‘Hysteria’ Embroidered Leather Handbag – neutral to go with anything, but far from boring!

  26. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/kate-spade/kate-spade-Niki-Handbag/13720/18/51#

    So for the last year I have resorted to putting the necessities (phone, slim wallet, keys, buss/train pass, and of course the emergency tampon) in my pockets. I know, I know, completely disgraceful really.

    Thing is, I am a college student, a fashion-conscious college student who is torn between quality fashion and a stingy budget (dreadfully stingy budget). About a year ago I decided I could no longer stand my sad excuses for purses (cheap materials, average-looking design), so until I could afford a purse of artistic, designer quality, I decided to solely utilize my pockets.

    Doing so has been slightly annoying since there is limited room, but it is motivating me to work work work, so that one day I can get my beautiful bag, fill it with whatever I want (including money!), and flaunt my hard work.

    Until then…I will keep window/site “shopping” & I suppose I will also start to save up in order to borrow on Avelle!

    I am surprised I picked a Kate Spade bag, I am not usually that big a fan of KS. I looked through many, many pages but KS kept catching my attention. I even almost put this YSL bag — http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Yves-Saint-Laurent/Yves-Saint-Laurent-Rive-Gauche-Handbag-/13555/18/51–but switched back because this Kate Spade bag really does beat it out. Bet its the frugal-student in me.

  27. I love pretty much all coach bags, but this one has a nice boxy look thats becoming more popular this spring. What is absolutely adorable about this bag is the cute pink bow tie. It adds such a feminine touch to the boxy look. =D

  28. I love the simplicity of everyday feel of the kate spade ‘Kent’ Stevie Handbag..Plus I’m a Mom so I need a roomy bag

  29. I am all about the tote and since I’m renting I must borrow the Louis Vuitton ‘Heartbreak’ Monogram Jokes Tote! It is fabulous!

  30. I absolutely adore the Balenciaga Giant City bag. I love big bags, especially satchels, so this one fits the bill nicely. And those details!! I love a bit of a rock twist on accessories, it can help you punch up a simple outfits and give it more of an edge.

    And in purple!! Purple is my favorite color, and the shade of the bags is absolutely perfect 🙂

  31. [email protected]

    So my favorite is: http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Badgley-Mischka/Badgley-Mischka-Kara-Flat-Tote-/14649/18/3847#

    For one, I have way too much stuff that I carry around so a tote is basically an essential for me. The neutral, yet feminine color ties into a lot of my wardrobe and I could probably carry it every day. I also love the contrast between the feminine colors and the chain and metal detailing.

    Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  32. After a thorough survey of the entire Avelle site, I’ve decided that one of my favorite pieces is the Hermes Vintage Crocodile Birkin Handbag. I’m a sucker for classics, and the edgy take on a classic shape is just wild enough to take an outfit from boring to brilliant in one swoop! Another of my favorites is the Kate Spade ‘Bilbao’ Quinn Handbag. It is the perfect size for carrying essentials but will not impede posture due to the weight of the bag.

  33. I’d pick the Filippa Sweet ‘Cherokee’ Large Python Hobo Handbag as my first choice.

    It’s really just the perfect bag for the warm weather that’s happening so suddenly in NYC right now. I’d throw it on with a sun dress and some heels and go for a walk in SoHo. Then I’d probably drop the classy act, stuff it with delicious snacks and go catch 17 Again. Yeah I said it. I’m a dork who thinks Zac Efron is hot. You wanna make somethin’ of it?! ;D

  34. I’m in love with the Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Handbag. It is the absolute perfect leather bag: stylish, sophisticated, with a bit of edginess….Perfect!

  35. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Chloe/Chloe-Paddington-New-Shopper-Handbag/6186/46/681

    When it comes to bags I have a very specific taste and some very important rules. I need a bag that is neutral, roomy, slouchy and because I tend to lose things, it needs to close in some manner. I really liked how Avelle gave you different filters, that made it easier to find designers whose aesthetic I liked. My top three designers were Prada, Botkier and Chloé. I eventually found the perfect drool-worthy bag of my dreams: the Chloé Paddington New Shopper Bag. I’ve lusted over the Paddington forever, but this bag is absolute perfection. The dove gray color is perfect for Summer and Winter because it complements either season’s trends, whereas most bag colors are strictly one seasonal. The size is perfect for someone like me who can’t leave the house without taking her whole life with her. I could even fit my laptop in, if necessary. The bag is slouchy while still maintaining a good shape. I can’t imagine getting to carry a Chloé bag– especially a Paddington– for only $80… that’s insane!!

  36. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Rafe-New-York/Rafe-New-York-Laos-Martina-Wood-Frame-Clutch/10700/42/122

    I love this clutch from Rafe New York. This would be perfect for me. Just enough room for my phone, my money, my chapstick and a couple other essentials. The cream color and exquisite details of the cutaway flowers would compliment my style perfectly. I wear a lot of second-hand and vintage pieces. This clutch is modern but looks vintage enough to blend in or stand out whenever I wanted it to. It would be a great piece to transition from day to night, also. I love the wood handle and the antique rivets.

    This clutch is stunning. I absolutely love it!

  37. My fav is the kate spade Preston Hollow ‘Small Flower Pot’ Tote http://tinyurl.com/cwpl98 It is so springy and cute, I just drool over it. My current handbag is a white kate spade that I have had for several years now and I just love it. It has held up as a bag of that quality should. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  38. I’m sorry, but i can’t help but to choose one you already posted! Originally, this prada bag caught my eye because its adorable and girly, yet sophistocated and structured:

    BUT I cannot take my eyes off of this one!!!

    this bag is totally rad and the studs are AMAZING. Even if taking your pick means I am disqualified, it’s totally worth ranting about how im love i am with this bag. It makes me want to sell everything I own so that i can buy it! It is the perfect size and the most beautiful color (and i dont even like blue, usually)!

    Seriously, I am obsessed! Thanks so much for posting about Avelle!

  39. Omg I love this bag by Alexander McQueen

    the colour is just the right about of bling and it’s couture without being in-your-face. I hate when girls obsess over Chanel bags with the big CC logo just because it’s obvious that it’s couture (and quite possibly the only couture designer they can name :P) This design is big and shiney and perfect!! I could never afford it, but it’s fun to dream 🙂

  40. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Kooba/Kooba-Talia-Satchel-Handbag/14871/46/388

    This Kooba satchel is absolutely perfect for spring! It would go well with sundresses of almost any color or style, skirts, shorts, sunglasses, chunky jewelry, you name it! The color just screams fun and cute for spring!!

    The Satchel even has pockets and a place to slide your cell phone, which is always handy when it comes to bags. Besides, the hobo style is chic, cute, and totally in. It’s different than a typical designer knock-off you see daily or your plain ol’ black or white handbag. This one may not be quite as versatile, but it can be dressed up or down. It would be a cute touch to my wardrobe this season!

  41. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Isabella-Fiore/Isabella-Fiore-/%22Chain-Attraction/%22-Desta-Satchel-Handbag/13846/18/818

    This is a gorgeous purple patent leather back from Isabella Fiore. The bag suits my personal style perfectly. I’ve never had a bag in that color before, and I think it’s perfect to brighten up for summer, or match with earthy tones for fall. Also, it a bag that I would actually be able to afford renting, so knowing that it’s within my reach makes me want it even more!

  42. Easy!! Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30!! I have been lusting over this bag for years, so classic, so timeless, and you know it’ll only get better with age. It is truly obscenely expensive though, so I don’t know if I could ever justify spending that much on a bag, even if my income were to increase exponentially. *sigh* I’ll just keep drooling through the glass at the Louis Vuitton store in the Copley Mall!


  43. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Betsey-Johnson/Betsey-Johnson-Cherokee-Rose-Bucket-Handbag/12402/46/42

    There were so many bags on the website that I could see myself carrying and loving, but this one just had something special. It’s not a “typical” designer handbag (which are also great, I have a black Prada that I love); it’s got a unique vibe and wouldn’t seem overdressed for school or underdressed for a night out. Perfect for summer! 🙂

  44. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Carla-Mancini/Carla-Mancini-Handbag/15276/18/51

    I love this beautiful bag by Carla Mancini. It is just perfect for carrying around all my paperwork from my job and then can easily transition to toting around my little laptop and note book for class. All this without sacrificing an ounce of fashion, as it still make a statement as a piece in my everyday wardrobe. ( Plus i adore the defined yet slouchy structure to the bag ) How can you not love something that combines practicality and fashion so beautifully?

  45. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Louis-Vuitton/Louis-Vuitton-Mancrazy-Monogram-Jokes-Handbag/13512/18/294

    The Louis Vuitton “Mancrazy” Monogram Jokes Handbag is simply amazing. It truly is a “converstion piece”, quite literally!

    The limited edition bag designeed by Richard Prince is the traditional Louis Vuitton monogram, with burnt orange “paint” sprayed on that makes the leather look almost rustic.

    The large bag (roughly the size of a Speedy) features snakeskin handles and the traditional tan lining and brass hardware.

    However, the most amazing part of this bag is it’s jokes. On the front, there are two jokes printed on the left hand bottom side saying:

    “Everytime I meet a girl who can cook like my Mother…She looks like my Father.”


    “My wife went to the beauty shop and got a mud pack. For the next two days she looked beautiful; Then the mud fell off.”

    This bag will MOST DEFINTELY guarantee smiles and possibly a few dates! 🙂

  46. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Isabella-Fiore/Isabella-Fiore-Blossom-Hobo-Handbag/15239/18/51

    This is definitely my choice! I’m trying to change my ways, and be a little more daring with my choice in handbags. I usually go with a basic black patent leather bag, and each time I would go shopping for a new one, I’d fall into the same rut!

    The bag I chose is a drastic change for me because of it’s bright pop of color; something I would always shy away from. It’s also got a bohemian feel to it, and I absolutely love anything boho. I feel like it’s really “me,” and I’m trying to incorporate that into my wardrobe a lot more this spring.

    Overall, I think it’s great, but the one thing that I would change is the straps. I’ve never worn a bag with straps so thin, and I’d probably prefer them a little thicker. Possibly even a rope-like strap for this type of bag?

  47. I really love this bag because it would be great if you lived in Hollywood. It just reminds me of something you would see on The Hills. With all those school papers and other class stuff you could keep tons of must have items in the big space the bag offers. The stylish grommets where the handle attaches to the bag is a very nice touch. I also love the crazy floral-like patten the bag has. It resembles something you would find in a one of a kind boutique. Take it to the beach or just a night out with the girls. I love it:)

  48. Tylie Malibu Sahara Hobo Handbag in grey is for me- the perfect size, cross-body-able if you are traveling a long way or wish to be hands free & a lovely color with terrific texture- goes with everything. Sumptuous & a tad posh but not over the top. The grey Jaguar of purses. Yes! 😀 The only thing I might not like is what appears to be gold toned hardware.

  49. Gucci ‘Aviatrix’ Medium Boston Handbag- It’s rusted gold accents give this black leather purse a classic look. The gold medallion that centers this piece gives it a chic vibe. It’s the perfect purse to accessorize any outfit on a Summer night out. It even has a pocket to hold a cellphone or a blackberry, which is every girl’s main accessory.

  50. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Louis-Vuitton/Louis-Vuitton-Limited-Edition-Speedy-Roses–Handbag/16536/18/51

    I absolutely love this Louis Vuitton purse. It’s different than any other purse I own. I usually stick to just plain colours, nothing too fancy, but when I saw this I fell in love.

    I’m a university student so I need a purse that is trendy yet practical. It needs to be able to carry a couple school books, maybe my laptop, etc. So I thought this purse was perfect. It has a nice shape that can fit books/laptop but it’s so adorable.

    Definitely the perfect bag to add a little spice to my wardrobe.

  51. I love the Louis Vuitton Papillon 30 Handbag
    b/c its a nice size, in a great color and looks divine.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Favorite Avelle Picks:


    Fav Purse: Betsey Johnson ‘Ms. Mod’ N/S Tote in Black, SKU# 12421 (I would use this purse with a short black mini dress and it would look FAB! I have wanted this particular purse forever! Betsey Johnson is my favorite designer ever and I love how there is a big striped tie cinched around this purse. It is to die for! If I win, this will be my first purchase for sure!)

    Fav Jewelry: Betsey Johnson Long Multi Strand Bow Necklace & Bow Earrings, SKU #14831

    Fav Sunglasses: Chanel Metal Aviator Sunglasses, SKU# 16122

    Fav Watch: Toy Watch Azalea White Tatoo Watch, SKU #17010

  53. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handb…

    I would have to go for Chanel because I’ve been swooning for one ever since I can remember, but of course I’d never be able to afford one (at this point anyway). The style of this bag just blows me away, and I love the gray leather quilting and the bold CC symbol. Makes my panties a little wet.
    With that said as soon as I got this I’d fill it with everything that I could possibly need to go out, including my tooth brush & Hello Kitty diary. I’d then stroll around the town in my hugeee sunglasses going into every store and maybe stopping for some tea and a chance to write in my diary about the day carrying my fabulous bag. Ah…I love the thought of bagborrowsteal!

  54. http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/Handbags/Prada/Prada-Nappa-Ruffled-Hobo-Handbag/14537/18/51

    Soft ruffles and a dark, subtle color perfectly balance out the Prada Nappa Ruffled Hobo Handbag. This bag looks so versatile: it can add a girly/ feminine or rocker-glam touch to anything. It also has only one strap, so there isn’t the fuss that comes with double-handled bags. Two straps sometimes bother me because only one strap will stay on my shoulder while the other constantly slips off. This bag is perfect, though, and won’t have that problem. This bag is a score for anyone who wants a stylish and versatile accessory.

    (Sorry! The post above has my name as the link to the handbag. I just wanted to make sure that there was no confusion, so I’m posting this second one.)

  55. Lamarthe Exception Small Tote
    SKU# 7155

    I really like this bag, it’s the perfect medium size & color. I think it would be a great bag for everyday use. I could take it to class or a night out with the girls. I could just hear it now, “What a great bag, where did you get that”? So nice, thanks for the link!

  56. I’d have to chose the Chanel Veau Ver Large Tote. The classic black patent quilted leather and edgy chain handles are just up my alley! I’ve been in love with this exact bag for a long time. I spied it at Nordstroms in an upscale area around town one day and simply fell in love. Plus it’s practical, right?…I could carry all of my books in it! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway and Happy Birthday avelle!!! 🙂

  57. I like three, they are: The Felix Rey ‘Emma’ Tote, the Mulberry ‘Roxanne’ Tote and the Jimmy Choo ‘Ramona’ Patent Ring Handbag. Thanks for the contest!


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