Bring Out Your Inner Wonder Woman with These Etsy Accessories

Unleash your power (and wallet).

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Everybody, it’s finally here! Diana Prince, a.k.a the iconic Wonder Woman, has now, for the first time since her creation, a big-screen movie of her very own! 

Wonder Woman is one of THE must-see films of the summer, and to celebrate its release, here are some powerfully awesome Wonder Woman-themed accessories to wear to the theater or anywhere! They’re all sure to make you feel strong, confident, and heroic.

Bow from Ella’s Beau Shop

Wonder woman bow

Who says super heroes can’t be a little girly? Whoever they are, they’re wrong – girly girls run (and save) the world! ($6.50)

Upcycled Earrings from NC Sustainable Style

Wonder Woman upcycled earrings

One way to help save the world, Diana Prince-style, is to purchase and wear eco-friendly sustainable jewelry and clothing. These cute earrings are a good way to start! ($8.50)

Inspirational Necklace from Hadas Kol Collection 

Wonder Woman quote necklace

Wonder Woman is a super hero who’s full of super inspiring quotes! Why not bring one of them around with you all day? ($14.95)

Cuff Bracelet from Geekocity Creations

'wonder woman cuff: in a world full of ordinary mortals, you are wonder woman

“In a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman.”

Wear this to remind yourself that you are anything but ordinary! ($13.00)

Wrap-Around Bracelet from Gothic Gifts

I fight like a girl bracelet - wonder woman

Because “you fight like a girl!” is not an insult. ($8.00)

“Amazing Amazon” Necklace from Geek Galaxy Designs 

The Amazing Amazon necklace - wonder woman jewelry

Even though you’re not an Amazon, this necklace will remind you that you’re still pretty amazing. ($16.95)

Ring from Inked Vixen Boutique

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman ring

This super cute ring is a neat little shout-out to Lynda Carter, the Wonder Woman who started it all. ($10.00)

Guitar Pick Earrings from It’s Your Pick Too

Wonder Woman guitar pick earrings

These earrings rock!

…sorry, bad pun, couldn’t resist. ($7.00)

Upcycled Dog Tag from Amanda Lynn Chainmail 

Upcycled Wonder Woman dog tag necklace

Another upcycled jewelry piece- this time from an actual comic book! How geekily cool is that? ($6.00)

Pin from Darryl Young Design

Wonder Woman for President button

When America needs Wonder Woman, she’s always there – even in the White House! ($2.50)

What do you think?

Which of these accessories is your favorite, and do you plan on buying any? Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? What did you think (no spoilers!) ?

Leave me a comment below, and don’t forget to share this article! Until then, I have to be off in my invisible jet…what? If Wonder Woman can have one, I can have one!

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