Hautelinks: Week of 8/25/16

We've got the new Kylie Lip Kit colors, behind the scenes of Stranger Things, Britney doing Carpool Karaoke, and much more.
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Very important: Here's a preview of some of the cool creatures from the upcoming "Fantastic Beasts" movie.

Also, J. K. Rowling continues to slay on Twitter.

And we love these illustrations that J.K. Rowling did herself. Too cool!

Anyone who's worked as a cashier will definitely get a laugh out of these tweets.

Amy Schumer's new book has some killer career advice.

And according to Amy, the Met Gala isn't all that great. Makes me feel better that my invite keeps getting lost in the mail...

Harper's Bazaar has a fall fashion roundup that will get you excited to shop!

The Budget Babe found Chloe espadrille wedge lookalikes. Love!

Even though the Rio Olympics are over, these hilarious memes continue to keep the olympic spirit going strong.

Wanting to try the Kylie Lip Kit? Find out which one works best for your skin tone.

And here are the new Lip Kit colors for August.

Here's How 'Stranger Things' Got Its Retro Title Sequence - good insight into what makes this simple sequence so mesmerizing. 

See also: Five Stephen King books to read if you love "Stranger Things".

Aaand, here's a video of the actress who plays Eleven getting her head shaved for the role.

This roundup is proof you can wear Converse with anything.

Great news: You could get Uber rides for as little as $1 next month.

Here's what you should stock in your mini-fridge for healthy eating in college.

Emily from Cupcakes + Cashmere shares the little switch that transformed her beauty routine.

Fun to think about: What kind of wedding will you have, based on your zodiac sign?

Related: How compatible are you and your s/o, according to astrology?

Also from MyDomaine, 6 Things Successful Women Never Do in the Morning.

SheFinds shares the 2 things you should never buy at Whole Foods.

26 Subtle Ways to Express Your Love of Pokemon.

xoVain reviews Anastasia's new Moonchild Glow kit and now we're saving up our pennies for it.

The Business of Fashion has released their Global Fashion School Rankings for 2016.

Very cool: Grad students win right to unionize, via the NYT.

Glee's Naya Rivera opens up about her eating disorder struggles. It's nice to see more celebrities being open about this.

LOL: The exact moment Amal Clooney realized she settled, via The Cut.

19 Craft Projects You'll Actually Use IRL, via Domino.

NSFW due to language but useful: The stores with the best fing return policies on the internet.

8 New Ways to Wing Your Liner, via The Fashion Spot.

Britney Spears did Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon!

LOL: People magazine got a bunch of Emmy-nominated female comedians to turn the tables on sexism in comedy.

Beyoncé's Behind-The-Scenes "Lemonade" Photos Are Exquisite. I mean, did we expect any less?

Loved this piece from the New York Times: Cat exploits in NYC, long before YouTube.

Racked did a great piece that takes you behind the scenes at Pandora jewelry.

19 Back to School Supplies Every Mermaid Needs, from Buzzfeed.

Ooh, cute: These $23 Zara Leggings Could Be Fall's Biggest Hit.

Buzzfeed has some healthier alternatives to your favorite snacks.

Vogue asks Kendall Jenner their famous 73 questions.

Woah, cool: Behind-the-scenes time lapse of Kubo and the Two Strings.

10 Exotic Fruits to Try Before the End of the Summer, via Lauren Conrad.

Also from Lauren Conrad, how to deal with negativity on social media.

Ooh, we just discovered The Notebook Doodles on Tumblr and it's making us want to grab a blank notebook and get creative.

If you ask me, it's never too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume, and Popsugar has some suggestions for fashion girls.

Seventeen shares cute outfit ideas for your first week back at school.

9 essential and delicious brunch recipes that will save you ALL the money, via Hellogiggles.

Could your birth control be causing insomnia? As someone with sleep troubles, I found this interesting.

Wary of food poisoning? Wash your pre-washed produce anyways, says Well + Good.

For road trip bucket lists: 54 of America's wackiest food-themed monuments and attractions.

Love: A little comic about mindfulness from Rookie.

RealSimple has some stress-free strategies to avoid making common first job (or internship!) mistakes.

See also: Job advice from Nasty Gal's #GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso.

Aww: This duck cheering up a dog is basically the sweetest thing ever.

Also! Starbucks has a secret menu item for dogs. Cute!

One more cute: This little girl is SO hyped for her first day of school.

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