Hautelinks: Week of 8/11/16

We've got the new cat-eye makeup trend to try, the best documentaries to binge watch this week, Lin Manuel Miranda singing Disney songs, and more.
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Britney Spears fans petition for the original "Make Me" video to be released. So weird that they changed it!

Celebs tweeting their #FirstSevenJobs proves that the hustle is real. This is so inspiring.

This Eye-Makeup Trend Is Going To Be Huge — & It's SO Easy To Copy. Learn how to easily upgrade your cat-eye.

If you, like us, are watching the Olympics 24/7, you might have noticed some surprisingly sexist remarks made toward the female athletes. It's good to call this stuff out, disappointing as it is.

Love this: Cooking 101, knife skills, in a fun RPG-style format.

Hello, weekend: 33 Mindblowing Documentaries You Can Watch on Netflix Right Now.

See also for the weekend: 15 Desserts You Can Make in Less Than 30 Minutes.

NYLON did an awesome interview with the woman playing Hermione in "Cursed Child".

YAAAASSS: Almond milk is coming to Starbucks.

And here's how to save some cash and make their epic Pink Drink at home.

Jared Leto at the Gucci fashion show is all of us when we see something we have. to. have.

Here's Cara Delevigne's important reason for publicly discussing her depression.

And here's the full story where she talks about it with ELLE.

Refinery 29's editors share the products that changed their skin. We're huge fans of that Pixi Glow Tonic here at CF.

House-themed editions of the first Harry Potter book are coming! Must have!

I frankly can't watch these videos (ick) but I know people are going crazy for them: Here's a Buzzfeed-compiled list of YouYubers attempting some insane "100 coats of (insert beauty product here)" challenges.

7 plus size brands that are getting it right, via The Everygirl.

So important: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving in with Your Significant Other, via Lauren Conrad.

How to Get Out of a Wardrobe Rut, via Advice from a Twentysomething.

Smart, Pretty, Awkward has a nice list of book recommendations for college age women.

Aww, these may be the best friends ever. (NSFW due to language.)

Mermaid-inspired beauty tips for hair, skin, and nails from Lauren Conrad, because who doesn't wish they were a mermaid?

<3 Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Sing the Best Disney Songs, Immediately Be a Happier Person.

Genius: This website helps calculate fair rent for you and your roommates.

What can being a cat-person or a dog-person say about you? Facebook shared some interesting findings.

Oh, to celebrate a birthday like Kylie Jenner...

Speaking of the Jenners, Kendall just landed the much-coveted cover of Vogue's September issue.

Ooh, this is a memory lane trip: Where Are They Now? America's Next Top Model Contestants, via Marie Claire.

Related kinda: Hollywood "It Girls" Throughout the Years, via Elle.

For my fellow nail polish obsessors, the best nail art of the Rio olympics so far.

5 amazing train journeys to consider taking, via the Everygirl.

23 Ways to Be an Adult This August, via Buzzfeed.

Get excited: UO and Tommy Hilfiger are teaming up for an epic '90s throwback collection.

Also from WhoWhatWear, some fall 2016 trends to keep your eye on.

Love this peek behind the scenes at Ralph Lauren, via Racked.

And finally... This stray dog ran a marathon with a man, and obviously found her forever home.

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