Hautelinks: Week of 7/21/16

We've got books to make you more productive, this year's Emmy nominees, a Harry Potter study community, and more!
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Watermelon pizza may be the most perfect summer snack ever.

Inc has a great list of emotional intelligence books. These are fantastic for anyone in a leadership position or those going into jobs soon.

Love this: Fictional books that make people want to be more productive.

The Emmy Nominees are out! Did your fave make the cut?

This is the best thing ever. A Harry Potter study community where you can earn house points for studying and taking care of yourself. Can you say motivation?

Kristen Wiig has been killing it lately, style-wise.

Cinnamon roll ice cream bowls? Count us in.

Whatever happened to the Ice Bucket challenge? The New Yorker investigates.

Nike's latest sports bra model is a fantastic choice. 

Only Blake Lively could rock 2 DVF dresses AT THE SAME TIME.

July is National Ice Cream Month, and Buzzfeed has a list of the #1 ice cream shops in every state - have you been to yours?

A new Suicide Squad trailer is out!

Lauren Conrad guides you to improving your fitness this summer! Follow this 10-day plan to become the runner you've always wanted to be.

Also from Lauren Conrad, iced tea 3 ways.

From Bustle, easy hairstyles to try after a day at the beach.

Turkey's coup, explained in 500 words.

Another makeup challenge emerges: 100 coats of liquid lipstick! Watch what happens when one YouTuber applies 100 coats of this product on her lips... Yeah, it's as cringey as it sounds.

The NY Times explains why jetlag is worse when you travel west to east.

Pokemon Go merch: the new fragrance is here. Omggg...

Not sure how to wash your gym clothes properly? Here's some advice on laundering activewear from a product scientist at Clorox.

4 Ways Reading Fiction Makes You a Better Person. Love this!

"Dude, sucking at something is the first step towards being kinda good at something." A relevant Adventure Time quote for this article about how to get better at things.

Here's a guide to getting Jojo Fletcher's outfits from the Bachelorette.

Byrdie has the details on Free People's new beauty collection.

Buzzfeed shares some great websites for wasting time (productively, in some cases).

"Dogs in High School" is guaranteed to make you laugh– way too relatable!

Refinery29 uncovers some cool snapchat tricks you may not know about.

11 simple things that make your relationship better, via Hellogiggles.

Mesmerizing videos of a chef making pasta, via Buzzfeed. Oh, internet, how we love you.

Aww: This elderly dog and his guinea pig BFF are beyond cute.

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