Hautelinks: Week of 6/11/15

This week's list has Ingrid Nilsen's announcement, iOS 9's best features, a beach waves hair tutorial, and more.
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So awesome: Ingrid Nilsen came out as gay this week and has already received amazing support from around the world. So. Much. Love. <3

Byrdie has an awesome tutorial for waving your hair with a straightener.

These romper problems are real.

Who else is excited for iOS 9? Refinery 29 rounds up the best new features.

The New York Times has a great roundup of street style looks from the Governor's Ball.

From xoVain: The Best and Worst Beauty Products Youtube Made Me Buy.

Have you tried any of Starbucks' new Frappuccino flavors? The Today Show puts all six to the test.

Interesting: 50 DCOMs ranked by feminism, via Buzzfeed.

What would it be like if Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen dressed you for your wedding? THIS.

Mom Dresses Cat in Crochet Bra Top to Prove One Size Does Not Fit All. LOLOL.

Street style master Nicky Hilton is teaming up with cruelty-free makeup brand Smashbox to create an adorable collection.

<3 this: Melissa McCarthy Shuts Down Reporter Who Criticized Her Appearance.

Umm, a water bottle that syncs to your phone to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day? Sign us up.

If you want to feel envious, check out Carolina Engman's NYC apartment

For my fellow clumsy manicurists: How to Get Nail Polish Off Just About Anything, via PopSugar.

Mani-related: How to paint your nails with your non-dominant hand.

This Is What It’s Like To Get Fitted For A Bra At Six Different Stores.

Zoe Saldana's husband talks taking her last name. This is so cool and it's great to see him defend this choice.

Refinery 29 has some grown-up takes on the classic friendship bracelets you used to make at summer camp.

Also from Refinery, 10 Things Every 20-Something Should Do To Be A Grown-Up.

Relevant for nearly all of us: NY Times op-ed on defaulting on student loans, and Slate's critical response.

I miss you, Ashley Tisdale.

Just in time for your summer beach get-away, The Glitter Guide shares their must-read list for June.

Speaking of which, here are some tips on finding time to read.

Here's some fun news about The Mindy Project on Hulu.

From WhoWhatWear, How to Wear Pieces You Already Own, 100% Better Than You Do Now.

ELLE shares a few Surprising Celebrity Friendships.

Yum! Designlovefest shares their Trader Joe's picks plus a few easy recipes.

7 shortcuts to save you time in the morning, via PureWow.

In case you missed it (it was all over Facebook): This Girl’s Handmade Prom Dress Broke the Internet.

Could you go a week without looking in a mirror? These people tried it.

A Beautiful Mess shares 10 Tips to Add Personality to a Rental.

Big news for our fellow crazy cat ladies: There was a cat people convention in LA last weekend! Next year, we'll be there.

4 Things to Remember When Fear is Holding You Back. A must-read.

If you're lacking inspiration and creativity, here's why (and how) you should create a vision board

Own a foam roller? These quick morning exercises will have you feeling great all day.

A Pair & a Spare shares the "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Guide" to packing. Totally going to try this!

And finally... Corgi’s Legs Are Too Short To Reach His Tennis Ball.

More cute: A Woman Photographed The Exact Moment She Betrayed Her Husky.

EVEN MORE CUTE: A baby rabbit's first 30 days.

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