Hautelinks: Week of 5/28/15

We've got tips on wearing rompers, models changing the fashion industry, Neville Longbottom's shirtless photoshoot and more.
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Interesting piece on fashion as an entertainment career strategy: Justin Bieber Turns to Fashion to Stage a Comeback.

Incapable of deciding which is better: Matthew Lewis's (a.k.a Neville) hot photo shoot or J.K. Rowling's response to it.

These inspiring models are out to change the fashion industry. 

Refinery 29 has the deets on Ellen Degeneres' new clothing and lifestyle brand. 

Also, we're loving this Ellen prank compilation. Smiles guaranteed!

Vogue recaps Taylor Swift's biggest moments of the year (so far).

In need of some inspiration? These life-changing TED talks might just be your savior. 

From Refinery 29, 15 Unforgettable Bucket List Trips You Can Do On A Budget.

Also from Refinery, grocery store shopping tips for 20-somethings.

Exciting: Hailee Steinfeld gets a record deal!

Love, love, love these awkward photos of celebs at prom.

Fascinating: Science has determined which photo filters work best.

Glamour rounds up 20 date-worthy rompers for all shapes and sizes.

Related: How to Style a Romper 3 Ways for the Weekend

ELLE has a great gallery of all the looks from the AMFAR Gala.

What could be cuter than Ed Sheeran singing with Kermit the Frog to raise money for kids in need? Nothing, of course.

This college student shows how Disney princess-inspired hair can work on all hair types.

36 Things Everyone Who Loves "Jurassic Park" Will Appreciate.

Also from Buzzfeed, 9 stunning photos of Ciara for Cavalli. Slay!

Awesome: Do Touch The Artwork At Prado's Exhibit For The Blind.

Remember dancing man and the dance party he was promised? Well, it happened this week and the photos are great!

A Beautiful Mess has a fab tutorial for homemade bath bombs.

John Stamos As Sad As We Are About Mary-Kate and Ashley. I get it but it's still a bummer.

Yes: 7 Things You Need To Know About Olive Garden’s New Breadstick Sandwich.

Have you hopped on the #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat bandwagon? This is an internet trend we can definitely get behind.

Speaking of Beyonce, Elle lists 10 times she made food look "sexy as hell"

Style.com has some great tips on how to dress for rainy days.

Quiz time! Who Would Play The Villain In the Movie Version of Your Life?

One more: Which Maroon 5 Song Would Adam Levine Serenade You With?

With warm temps arriving, Fitness magazine has some tips on working out in hot weather.

And if you'd rather watch Netflix than exercise (who wouldn't?), Buzzfeed has an impressively detailed guide to doing both.

LOL: If Disney characters used AirBnB, here's where they'd stay.

OMG YES! A delayed Delta flight has a pizza party. (Pizza fixes all.)

So cute! Mom teaches pups valuable skill.

Also cute: 16 photos of the most adorable dog family.

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