Hautelinks: Week of 5/26/16

See the first trailer for the live-action Beauty and the Beast, affordable trips to take this summer, books for your summer list, and much more.
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The first teaser trailer for "Beauty and the Beast" starring Emma Watson is here!

29 affordable trips to take this summer, via Refinery29.

Also from Refinery29, some grown-up takes on your favorite childhood foods.

One more from Refinery: Get excited for the amazing new foods at Disney!

Since I follow all things Kardashian, I found this piece on Blac Chyna's history totally fascinating. Long but worth it.

Obsessed with DNCE's new video for "Toothbrush" -- Joe Jonas and Ashley Graham make such a cute couple!

Why New Yorkers have always worn black, from The Cut.

Love this: Gina Rodriguez launched a lingerie company with nude products for a wide range of skin tones.

Can you tell the real Disney princess from the fake? This is harder than you'd think.

18 Incredible Books You Need to Read This Summer, from Buzzfeed.

2016 brought some surprising cancellations for TV fans. The Hollywood Reporter provides explanations for two big ones: "Castle" and "Nashville."

How to Create Perfect Waves in Your Sleep, from Camille Styles.

I really needed this: Smart ways to conserve your phone battery during concert season (or whenever).

Get excited: Kylie Jenner is releasing a black lipstick.

This video shows 100 years of nail art trends.

How to Properly Wash Your Activewear, from Blogilates.

Man Repeller shares some fashion truths. The heels one really is true but we suffer anyway.

 Try this beautiful gilded marble slab tray DIY from Lauren Conrad.

This WhoWhatWear piece has a bunch of styling tips for shorter girls.

13 Books Everyone Will be Talking About This Summer.

Love this: The 5 Best Autobiographies to Read if You Want to Work in Fashion.

The Washington post did a long piece on what it's like to be 13 years old in 2016. Some reminds me of when I was 13, but so many things are mind-bogglingly different.

6 questions a personal stylist would ask you about your wardrobe. Ooh, this will get you thinking.

These "wine portraits" show how people look after one, two, and three glasses of wine. Accurate!

12 Mindfulness Quotes That Will Change the Way You Spend Your Time. 

19 Tumblr Posts Every College Student Will Understand, from Buzzfeed.

For all you aspiring writers: How to Become a Good Writer: Tips from the Greats.

The Business of Too Much TV. Now that there's more good TV being made than ever, it's harder than ever to find the people to produce a good show.

Super cute apartment DIY: Scented room sprays with custom labels.

And finally, puppies!

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