Hautelinks: Week of 4/16/15

Our latest link list features the best Coachella 2015 style from Weekend 1, spring fashion trends, a fun logic puzzle, and more.
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Hautelinks: Your Once-Weekly source for what's hot

Vogue breaks down the best beauty Instagrams of the week with tons of inspiration and eye-candy.

Also from Vogue, Coachella Style: Weekend 1.

And everyone needs to see this video of Robert Pattinson awkwardly dancing at Coachella.

In case you missed it, Hillary Clinton has announced she's officially running for President! ELLE asks the pertinent question, Have We Gotten Less Sexist Since Hillary Clinton’s Last Run?

5 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Favorite Denim Styles, from Refinery 29.

Also from Refinery, a few fun takes on spring trends. So happy spring has arrived!

Make sure you're storing your clothing properly: SheFinds explains what to fold vs what to hang.

Also from SheFinds, 50 Things You Can Do to Feel Really Happy Today.

Does it seem like we're in a good mood this week? If so, it's because Game of Thrones has finally returned! Here are 101 Thoughts Buzzfeed Had While Watching the Season 5 Premiere.

Related: Khaleesi-approved pancake art. YES.

xoVain shares The History of Trending Nail Shapes.

Also from xoVain, how to go from workout to work without a shower

Amaze: Cookie Lyon meets Cookie Monster.

Hilary Duff fans, get excited: She's just released a new single! (Anyone else still jam out to "So Yesterday"? It's forever a CF fave.)

Is this Nicki Minaj's engagement ring? PopSugar has the deets.

The power of the internet at work: Success Kid's dad needs a kidney transplant, and his son's internet fame has already raised him some funds.

An interesting take on how to be a lady, love it!

HubSpot's blog shows you how to properly format your resume.

Aw! Tom Brady celebrated Gisele's runway retirement with a sweet love letter. Those two are the best.

Such a cool concept: An Instagrammer who makes junk food look elegant.

For those 21-plus, NYLON has a guide to spring cocktails.

Haha, did you guys see this? Woman puts her boyfriend to the test with "Beyonce Exam" - dying!

Also from HuffPo, flawless comebacks to annoying sexist comments. <3

Adore: Photographer teaches daughters: "Strong is the New Pretty"

Love this behind-the-scenes vid of the dream team gracing Glamour's April cover: Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kerry Washington.

LOL, this "what's in my bag?" series is hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, this man's Robin Williams impressions are just that, plus the resemblance is uncanny!

CF writer Katy says her biggest accomplishment of Monday was solving this super hard but super fun logic puzzle. Can you solve it?

27 Squidward Faces Every College Student Will Recognize, also from Buzzfeed.

Impossible game: Can you get through these Tumblr posts without laughing once?

This is a bizarre piece of news: FDA says KIND bars don't deserve the "healthy" label. After reading the reasoning, it seems pretty silly and strange. 

Great news! Delia*s is set to relaunch as an online-only store, reports Racked.

With the Kardashian sisters' visit last week, Armenia has been in the news. Here are some facts you should know about the country.

Harper's Bazaar takes you inside Kim Kardashian's life for 24 hours.

Raise your hand if you're guilty and proud of owning/doing a majority of these things. *Raises both hands*

A Love Letter to Hermione Granger in celebration of Emma Watson's birthday, via HelloGiggles.

Tinder is about to be linked to Instagram - is this a genius move or should we be even more cautious about what we post on social media?

Amazing advice for happiness women of all ages. Number one is an especially good idea! 8 Ways to Find Contentment in Your 20s and 30s.

From Bustle, How To Make Temporary Tattoos Out Of Dried Flowers, Because Metallic Ones Are Sooo Last Coachella

This cat sums up our end of the semester anxiety. 

Cuteness! Cats discuss world domination.


Also, PSA guys - don't forget to water your pugs.

And finally... corgi beach day!

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