Hautelinks: Week of 3/3/16

See tips for saving a messed-up manicure, things to get excited about in March, a birthday cake popcorn recipe, and more.
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Get excited: A brand new trailer for Disney Pixar's "Finding Dory" was just released.

Man Repeller did a piece on the always-stylish Alicia Vikander.

Also from Man Repeller, a round table on Kesha and the movement surrounding her recent battle.

We are loving Cupcakes and Cashmere's new nail polish collection - check out the shades here!

Why Beyoncé, Nicki, & Taylor Owe A Debt To Queen Latifah, via Refinery29.

Also from Refinery, an interview with Rebecca Traister on an interesting fact: For the first time in this country, single women outnumber married women.

Always messing up your mani? Here are some tips that will save you.

18 Non Fast-Fashion Brands That Are Just as Good as Zara. Some of these were brand new to me - will have to check them out!

An oldie but goodie from Glamour: The best dresses ever worn to the Oscars. Do you agree with their picks?

Speaking of the Oscars, ELLE has all the after party pics you could want.

And E! lets you vote on whether you prefer each celeb's red carpet or after party look.

Aww at Kate Winslet's adorable reaction to Leonardo DiCaprio winning his Oscar.

Speaking of Leo, if you missed his awesome - and activism-filled - acceptance speech, you need to watch it ASAP.

9 things to get excited about this March. Spring! It's almost here!!

Buzzfeed did a couple good style roundups: Affordable bags that are real leather and cute rain boots for spring.

Cute: Bloomingdales just released its own emojis!

Complex did a great piece on Jodie Sweetin, her tumultuous life after Full House, and her recent return to the Tanner family.

For my fellow popcorn addicts, these delicious add-in ideas look awesome.

Speaking of which, this birthday cake popcorn is the stuff of my DREAMS. Mmmmm.

Would you wear succulent jewelry? Pretty cool idea.

This makeup artist uses her hijab to help her recreate the looks of favorite Disney characters. Too cool.

12 awkward things things that have to happen before you become best friends, via HelloGiggles.

InStyle gives you the lowdown on renting formalwear.

Love: Dolce & Gabbana's new spring collection is inspired by Disney.

Want all the scoop on Fuller House? Glamour has your answers.

I really enjoyed this long piece on effective philanthropy from HuffPo. Giving away money and actually making a difference in the world are very different things.

Refinery29 discusses why women don't often propose to men.

Will selfies become the new passwords for millennials? One credit card company thinks so.

A $75 pillow that stays cool all night? I really want to try this!

2 easy slow-cooker desserts. CF writer Kayla made the lava cake and says it was fantastic.

Want the ultimate french girl look? Get bangs like these.

Why It Sucks to Have a Lot of Hair in Winter, from Buzzfeed. Maybe I will stop bemoaning my thin hair for a minute.

10 easy ways to eat healthy while living alone and cooking for one, via the EveryGirl.

And finally, this super cool police dog has his own Instagram account. 

See also: More Insta-famous dogs to follow.

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