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12 Women on Twitter and Self Promotion - great insights from smart ladies on how to properly use social media.

For my fellow junk food addicts, NYLON has some ways to make your favorite junk foods a little healthier.

The 50 Best Shoes from the Fall 2015 Runways, via Fashionista.

We're getting so excited for Disney-Pixar's "Inside Out"! Have you seen the trailer yet? If not, go watch now!

Ooh, this actually was tough: The hardest '00s teen movie quiz you'll ever take, via Buzzfeed.

Calling all video gamer fashionistas: Have you seen the trailer for Pixels

Haha: From CollegeHumor, "Fictional Humans of New York".

The Merry Thought shows you how to DIY those trendy gold temporary tattoos we've been seeing everywhere.

xoVain talks nighttime skincare routines.

We posted the video referenced in this post last week, but this article elaborates on it: Mic.com discusses what's wrong with "the boyfriend excuse".

So inspiring! From NPR: Meet the 15-year old from rural Guatemala who addressed the U.N.

Love: The Glee cast played Cards Against Humanity with Ellen last Thursday!

Have you heard? Fashion Police is going on hiatus until September, following the exits of Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne.

Gina Rodriguez Has a Highly Efficient Way to End a Bad Date

Buzzfeed has some great Netflix user tips that everyone should know.

And you can feed your Netflix addiction with these movies and TV shows coming to the site in April! 

Ooh, this is interesting: Normal Women Are Photoshopped to Look Like Cover Girls, and Buzzfeed gets their reactions.

In case you needed more reasons to love Viola Davis, her backstory and strength are super inspiring.

Here's how to DIY a wall-hanging banner quote, from the Wonder Forest. 

The new face of Clean & Clear is a transgender 14-year-old -- and she's amazing!

11 Things You Should Never Say to a Shoe Addict, via Marie Claire.

<3 This: 18 Struggles Of Being A Girl Who Sometimes Actually Likes Herself.

Are you wearing the right foundation? Find out how to find the perfect one!

Quiz time: Which "Gotham" character are you? Important stuff, guys.

Buzzfeed shares the 19 times Hilary Duff was the cutest on Instagram.

Speaking of Hilary, her recent bikini selfie is bananas! Go girl!

If Hilary has you inspired to get strong, take the next 10 minutes and get a good workout in.

Yay for learning new things and adorableness combined: Some cute animals that may be new to you.

A million thumbs up to this mom's essay on why a feminist shouldn't want her daughter to hate pink.

Accurate: 19 Times Ron Swanson Summed Up How You Feel on Mondays.

And if the rest of your week isn't going too great either, here are some unconventional ways to start feeling better.

Everything we know about St. Patrick's Day is wrong. EVERYTHING. At least, according to HuffPo

These are all really good: 30 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life.

And speaking of makeup, one woman was inspired by Britt from The Bachelor and wore makeup to bed every day for five days

5 Strange Beauty Trends for 2015, via Michelle Phan.

I assumed guys knew that wearing heels was not exactly comfortable. Well, at least now they definitely know the truth.

If Disney Princesses Shopped the A/W '15 Runways, via PopSugar.

Ouch, Biebs. Comedy Central is airing The Justin Bieber Roast on March 30th, but you can preview parts of the show now! Here are some of the most brutal jokes of the night.

From Elite Daily: Is nail biting a sign of perfectionism?

From Hello Giggles: This new lipstick shade from Kat Von D is causing quite the controversy.

More from HelloGiggles: The 8-year-old girl who fought to wear dinosaur sneakers. Gender stereotypes, it's time for you to GTFO.

Haha, perfect: 22 Pictures That Hit A Little Too Close To Home.

This powerful Canadian ad parodies the popular segment, "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets", from Jimmy Kimmel Live! to show that cyber-bullying is no joke. From TakePart: It's Not So Funny When Bullied Kids Read Mean Tweets.

TIME did a cool retrospective on Korean beauty trends through the years.

How to Get the Best Eyebrows for Your Face, via ELLE.com

And even though spring isn't even here yet, we already have fall on the brain: The Best Fall 2015 Denim Trends, from Vogue.

Pretty awesome: Someone calculated the most efficient way to roadtrip to all 48 contiguous states.

Jealous of all who work here: A look inside Facebook NYC's amazing cafeteria.

InStyle is giving March Madness a spin with their own bracket: Who do you think is the best dressed female character on TV now? Play along here.

Did you catch the adorable video of North West riding her Frozen bag through the airport? Lol!

Very cool: A fashion blogger has landed a Vogue cover.

Pharrell was named a CFDA Fashion Icon. See his style evolution via Vogue.

And finally... here are a couple of old friends! <3

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