Hautelinks: Week of 3/17/16

How to phrase your Starbucks order correctly, easy DIY projects for sprucing up your room, spring outfits under $50 and more...
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How to phrase your complicated Starbucks order for the fastest and most accurate service – good to know!

Man Repeller has a guide to some more obscure fashion terms.

A Beautiful Mess has a DIY for a cute leather tassel keychain.

What to wear to nail a job interview, via InStyle.

The NYT did a great article on breaking up in the age of Facebook and other social networks.

Tried and true beauty tricks, from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I really want to try the bath one!

Memories: An Illustrated History of the Early '00s Status Symbol.

See 40 different looks on one model from PFW.

These pretty egg decorating ideas are so cool! Number 1 is my fave.

Business of Fashion argues that the future of beauty is in customization.

25 songs that tell us where music is going, via the New York Times.

Yes, please. We want all of these feminist tops.

20 Snapchat accounts for the beauty lovers. I just made a snapchat account this week and I'm obsessed!

How cool is this makeup collection with *NSYNC packaging?

Bookmark for free time over break: 15 DIY Bedroom Upgrades for Under $25.

13 ways to productively beat your boredom, via BuzzFeed.

Related: How to Be Productive Without Leaving Your Couch.

90 Year Old Woman Earns Her Ph.D. - so freakin' inspiring!

Genius: The Beauty Department shows you how to refresh your foundation and powder midday.

28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should.

Just putting this out there: They make flower crowns for dogs.

Also from Buzzfeed, an adorable video of kids dressing themselves for the first time.

A female Uber driver tells all to Refinery29.

A roadmap to overcoming insecurities, from Zen Habits. 

A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make your own healthy frozen pizza at home.

More yum: This animal cracker fudge looks easy and delish.

OMG: If Disney Princesses starred in 'The Notebook', via Seventeen.

The "It" Cities You Should Try To Visit in Your Lifetime - I'm only at 4, need to step it up!

A short and sweet piece from HelloGiggles: What I Learned About My Body From Lifting Weights.

Love these tips on making smarter to-do lists.

WhoWhatWear did an awesome piece on spring outfits under $50! 

Also from WhoWhatWear, an overview of the history of wearable tech.

18 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Treat Yourself. <3 this!

Interesting: Vogue and Glamour are getting on WhatsApp.

WOAH: Could your hair salon's shampoo technique give you a stroke? This is so crazy.

How Offensive Clothing Ends Up in Forever 21, from HelloGiggles. Interesting look into their design process.

Refinery29 argues that anyone can pull off blue eye makeup.

A Beautiful Mess has some tips for finding natural nail polishes that work.

Aw, this is awesome: This girl and her service dog rocked matching prom dresses!

These bears playing with a balloon are so cute!

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