CF News: We're Getting... Frozen!

Or: why we had no new posts for two days and it was a sad, sad time.
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Disney Frozen

Image via The Walt Disney Company

Like we mentioned on our Twitter yesterday, we have a big announcement to make: CF is going to be frozen like Arendelle for the next few days. Why? Because, drumroll please....

We're getting a brand new site!!

After months of work, the shiny-new and much-improved College Fashion will launch this Thursday afternoon, 3/19. Until then, we're going to be in a "content freeze" while our developers move everything to the new site. This means we can't publish any new posts until we are up and running on Thursday. (So we'll have TONS of new articles when we return - yay!)

We'll be back on Thursday, 3/19 with a whole new look once Elsa unfreezes us our move is complete. Can't wait for you guys to see the new CF!

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