Skins Fashion – How to Dress Like Effy Stonem

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Effy Stonem from Skins

Although the MTV version of popular TV show Skins was met with a lot of criticism, the original UK series continues to be hugely popular around the world. If you’ve never seen Skins, the show follows a group of teenagers in England through the ups and downs of their high school years.

Effy Stonem, from seasons 1-4, is perhaps the show’s most fashionable character: Tons of CF readers have written in requesting a post on her clothes! So in response, this post breaks down the important elements of Effy Stonem’s style, and shows you how to dress like her.

About Effy

Effy is the quintessential rebellious teenager, often sneaking out to clubs and parties behind her parents’ backs. Over her four seasons, the show touched upon many controversial issues, and Effy was often at the center of the drama. Her style perfectly reflects her rebellious nature and uniqueness – and is a great inspiration if you like the edgy look.

How to Dress Like Effy Stonem – For Day

Mini skirts, short dresses, comfy t-shirts and tanks (usually in shades of black and gray) are all staples in Effy’s daytime wardrobe. She usually pairs these basic pieces with edgy accessories such as masculine boots, fishnet tights and piles of necklaces, for a completely unique aesthetic.

Although we can’t all pull off Effy’s over-the-top looks, incorporating a little bit of her style into your everyday look is super easy.

To really nail that Effy Stonem style, invest in a great pair of mid-height boots that have a masculine and tough edge to them. Wear your edgy boots with your favorite pair of jeans and a basic tee, or with a pretty sundress for a really unique contrast.

Effy Stonem clothes - Day

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How to Dress Like Effy Stonem – For Night

For nights out, Effy ups the ante with skintight tops and bottoms, lots of jewelry and heavy makeup. As with her daytime looks, black is still her go-to color and combat boots are still a favorite.

To channel Effy’s nighttime looks, mix and match different textures and fabrics. Tulle, cotton, fishnets, satin – don’t be afraid to pair pieces that you normally wouldn’t. If body-hugging dresses aren’t your style, go for a unique t-shirt and dress it up with black denim and heels.

Effy Stonem clothes - Night

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Effy Stonem’s Hair and Makeup

Effy Stonem Hair & Makeup

In keeping with her too-cool-to-care, rebellious nature, Effy normally keeps her hair natural, in loose, messy waves. Although for nights out, she sometimes opts for straightening her hair.

Effy’s makeup is often pretty simple for daytime – she always rocks flawless matte skin and a touch of mascara, but that’s about it. For night, she loves to play up her eyes, rocking thick black liner and/or smudgy dark shadow. For day and night, she usually keeps her lips bare, or rocks just a hint of clear lipbalm.

Want to try and emulate Effy’s beauty routine at home? Below are some great YouTube video tutorials!

Tying it All Together

The true essence of Effy Stonem’s style is her attitude and confidence. She isn’t afraid to experiment with fashion or makeup – and truly uses style to express herself. While some of her looks are over-the-top, there are always unique elements that can be translated to fit any wardrobe or budget.

What do you think of Effy Stonem’s style? Are any of these looks something that you’d try? What items do you think really create her ‘signature’ look? I love to hear your comments and suggestions, so be sure to leave a comment!

42 thoughts on “Skins Fashion – How to Dress Like Effy Stonem”

  1. I love UK Skins and especially Effy. I would never wear what she wears, but I am jealous of how confident the character is when rockin’ these outfits!

  2. Really loved Cassie too, and Emily. What i really love about skins UK is that they are over the top, but still most of them doesn’t look like they have been through a great makeover. Most of them make mistakes (Now Effy is a special case, put in to be the girl boys go crazy over, and being crazy herself)
    Also in the season 5 Frankie puts in over the top mens wear, but as she says its her style, and it makes her feel like herself.

  3. So excited you’re finally doing Skins! I’m obsessed with this show. I’m basically a Grace meets Emily fashion wise.

  4. AHHHHH YES!! FINALLY! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS POST FOREVER!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with other commenters- next you should do Cassie… 🙂

  5. I’m not a big fan of Effy’s grungier side, but I do like some of the pieces you picked out. My favorite is the AE plaid shirt, which can be styled both grungier or preppier depending on the mood.

  6. I wrote a How to article on the same character for my application to College Fashion. Glad to see there’s some more exposure here in America, and really fun to see someone else’s interpretation. Good job!

  7. sooooo thankful for this. I think I dropped hints on another post basically begging for it. I totally fell in love with skins (it’s on netflix, so everyone should watch it), and I love the pieces you selected, and I love the make-up tutorials–esp. the first one, it made it look super easy haha.

    i second the call for sample outfits. maybe an effy part two? and I’d like to see cassie and maybe michelle as well 🙂

  8. Hmmm. I love the thought of this post more than the execution. I love EFfy but I can’t imagine her wearing some of the things you picked out, i.e. the red plaid shirt and the red musical note shirt. also the lace biker shorts are a bit iffy. maybe some sample outfits like someone suggested would help. but please continue with other characters!

  9. I HAVE THAT MUSIC NOTE HEART SHIRT 😀 I love it!!! I used to want the design as a tattoo but I’m a pain wuss so naturally I was ecstatic to find it on a shirt <3

  10. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for Cassie, Frankie, and Grace! Ugh, I’m so happy you guys decided to do this, I can’t wait to bookmark all these articles, haha!

  11. Hmmm… I never watched Skins, don’t know why, I just never got into it, but I like this! Too grungy for me, I’m a bit preppier but I definately like to mix a bit of grunge in with it and I think some of the things on this post are really nice! I may have to steal a friends’ Skins DVDs and watch it! haha!

  12. OMG, I’m on the fourth season of Skins now, and Effy is by far my favorite character. She’s amazing flawed and real, and totally relate-able. And her style is the perfect mix of glam, street, and grunge. I’m going to be heart-broken when I’m done with the 4th season and Effy isn’t there anymore 🙁

    You guys did perfectly on this post, and got her style down perfectly. I can’t wait for a Cassie, Emily or Naomi post!

  13. So happy this is up! Please please please continue with this series!

    (I’d love to see a Cassie or a Emily how-to 😀 )

  14. I always loved Effy’s style, but Cassie remains my favorite character.
    It would be great if we could see a post for Cassie’s unique style as well.

  15. thank you so much for this! I simply love Skins and seeing how to for Effy on CF is great. Please do Cassie’s style next, she is my favorite character from Skins!

  16. I like her style. I bought a pair of combat boots this summer that I love. I’ve never watched the show, but I’ll probably look it up on netflix soon.

  17. Please do more skins oness!! emily fitch, naomi, grace violet! i think me and a lot of other people would enjoy that.

  18. Effy’s a real model to me. I love her style, her behavior, briefly, everything about her! she’s so naturally pretty . I’d like to try both day and night looks, you’ve managed to recreate her style perfectly. I love her look in the photo with her high socks, or the one with all the neckless.

  19. Finally! I have been waiting for this for so long! Great post, thanks a lot!

    But I have to agree with Nafisa, the post would have been so much better with sample outfits.

    Nevertheless thank you for this : )


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