Fashion Inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

You’d have to be mad not to find style inspo in this film.

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Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland brought in 116 million dollars in the United States alone on its opening weekend. In addition to its box office success, Alice in Wonderland was extremely successful in the fashion department.

While watching this movie (all three times I saw it), I could not take my eyes off the incredible and inspirational clothes worn by the various characters. If you want to channel a little Alice in your daily life, here is some fashion inspiration from Wonderland:

1. Alice

Alice Picture

Alice, as most of you know, is the main character of the movie. Her style is feminine, but not overly feminine, and she is always wearing a beautiful shade of sky blue. Alice has a very effortless look that’s never rigid, because she tends to partake in adventures that require comfy clothes.

In addition, most of her dresses have a vintage feel, so a thrift shop would likely be a great place to find Alice-inspired clothes.

Alice in Wonderland outfits - outfit inspired by Alice's wardrobe with blue dress, mary-jane pumps, bunny ring and phone case, circle bag, tea cup

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2. The Red Queen

Red Queen Picture

The Red Queen is an evil queen with an abnormally large head. As her name implies, she adores the color red, perhaps because it rhymes with her favorite saying, “Off with their head!”

In addition to the color red, the Red Queen also adores the colors black and gold.

Her favorite symbol is the heart, and she tends to wear structured clothing with an almost gothic look. Therefore, a red suit or co-ord set is the perfect centerpiece for a Red Queen look.

Outfits inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - red queen outfit with red suit, gold glitter cami, red purse, black pumps, red lipstick

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3. The White Queen

White Queen

The Red Queen’s sister, the White Queen, is a beautiful, good queen who adorns herself in all white. The only color on her entire body is her deep shade of burgundy lipstick.

Her style is ultra-feminine, with lots of pearls and lacy details. If you want to copy the White Queen’s look, something ladylike and whimsical is the best way to go.

White Queen inspired outfit from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland: White dress, white pearl bag, pearl hair clips, red shoes, sunglasses

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4. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Picture

The adorably funny twin brothers, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, keep the audience giggling throughout the movie.

Not only are the brothers humorous, but their fashion sense is also pretty interesting and easy to imitate. The twins always wear stripes, shorts and suspenders. Add a pop of color, and you’ve got their style!

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5. The Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Picture

Ah, the Mad Hatter, my favorite character in the movie. The Mad Hatter is a crazy, eclectic hat maker with bright orange hair and lime green eyes.

He always looks colorful, even though his basic coat and pants are neutral. He achieves this by wearing bright eye makeup, a brightly colored scarf, and of course, his hat.

Nothing quite goes together with his look, which actually makes the look work. To recreate it, try finding pieces made from wacky patterns and bright colors that you wouldn’t normally pair together. This will make you stand out, as every part of the look make a statement.

I decided to switch things up here and forgo the hat for some on-trend hair accessories, the 2019 way to accessorize your head.

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Have you seen Alice in Wonderland? Did you think that the movie was inspirational? Which character’s fashion inspired you the most? Leave comments below! I hope you enjoyed this post.

* All photos courtesy of the Official Alice in Wonderland site.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2010; it was completely updated and revamped in 2019 with new outfit sets.

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  1. You do a fabulous job putting all these Disney princess outfits together!! I can’t wait to get some of these outfits. You really have an eye for this stuff! I will be an avid follower and fan so keep the whimsical ideas coming! Do you have a Disney Peter Pan, Tink or Wendy coming up? Peter is my favorite, and he has very feminine attire so it should be easy to pull off 🙂

  2. Maybe something like this for Peter Pan/Tink look?

  3. This article made me go see the movie, which I loved. I really liked the outfits here-and I loved the fact that you included nail polish with every look. I like little touches like that.

  4. Wow. This was so cool. I love all the outfits! This is such a good article. this is my first time visiting this website and this post definitely makes me want to check back every day! Great job, Calli. You are so creative

  5. This is seriously one of the best post I’ve read on this website. I love the outfit for Alice and all of them!! Great job Calli!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this. Calli, you have a fabulous eye for fashion and I congratulate you on the inspiration for each character. I would have loved to see your take on the Cheshire Cat as well.

  7. This is probably one of my favorite posts on this site 😀
    thanks so much
    these outfits are lovely!
    and the movie was amazing!

  8. I absolutely love the Mad Hatter outfit! I have a LBD (Little Blue Dress 😉 myself, and I can’t wait for the weather to turn clear so I can wear it and channel my own Alice! 😀

  9. Yes, I watched Alice in Wonderland already! The Red Queen’s fashion inspired me the most, partly because I am also trying to incorporate more of the color red into my wardrobe. I enjoyed this post so much that I feel like watching the movie again! 🙂
    Great job Calli!

  10. I’m really glad you all liked the post! Thanks Luana for the link! That is such a great selection of Alice inspired jewelry! When I went shopping this weekend, I noticed that Hot Topic and Macy’s both carried Alice in Wonderland jewelry and accessories, so you guys may want to check that out as well. And Sally, I am also in love with those boots, in fact I will probably order them tomorrow :]

  11. This post is awesome. I love the movie. It inspired me to dress a little bit different…I love your tips and the “drink me” necklace is awesome. 🙂


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