Capsule Wardrobe:​ Blake Lively

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Blake Lively in striped suit with lace top and pearl bracelets
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Ever since her first appearance on Gossip Girl, Blake Lively has been a celebrity fashion icon. She’s also one of those celebrities you just can’t help but cheer on from the sidelines.

I follow Blake for more than just her fashion sense. To me, she is the queen who never ages, with a picture-perfect husband and hair that’s always so incredibly shiny. She’s cool, too: She named her baby girl James (and then had her be the intro to Taylor Swift’s ‘Gorgeous’) and wears tailored suits to every fancy event. She’s the perfect blend of funny, sweet, and incredibly kind, and her smile really does seem like a ray of sunshine.

All of these traits translate to Blake’s personal style. Aside from the aforementioned suits, her deliberate, fitted cuts and leg-flattering hemlines are always impeccably arranged into a perfect ensemble, no matter what the situation.

Below, I’ve created a Blake Lively capsule wardrobe to help you get her style for yourself. Here are the pieces you need to dress like Blake:

The Clothes:

Blake Lively wardrobe with black dress, blue jumpsuit, blue lace dress, wide leg pants, striped top, black blouse, mom jeans, sandals, black heels, red peplum top, green blazer, black blazer

Products: Black dress – Good Luck Gem, Blue jumpsuit – Naked Zebra, Blue dress – ASTR The Label, Black pants – Forever 21, Jeans – Levis, Black top – Warehouse, Striped top – Vero Moda, Maroon top – ASOS Design, Green blazer – Philosophy Apparel, Black blazer – Do + Be, Black romper – ASOS Design, White top – ASOS Design, Brown sandals – Steve Madden, Black heels – Steve Madden

To help you get Blake’s style, I’ve chosen a bunch of pieces that each have something unique about them. Blake seems like the type of person who would buy something for its quirkiness and beauty, regardless of its price or brand.

Blake enjoys muted tones and unusual colors, but occasionally incorporates a sophisticated yet vibrant pop of color into an outfit (like the green blazer pictured above)!

Now, I’ll show you how to mix these pieces to get that Blake Lively style for yourself:

Blake Lively-Inspired Outfits:

Pretty Much Any Situation

Blake Lively wardrobe - outfit with little black dress and black heels

Products: Black dress – Good Luck Gem, Black heels – Steve Madden

One of the best things about Blake’s style (in my opinion) is that (with the exception of, say, the Met Gala) nothing she ever wears looks too over the top or too understated. She always strikes the perfect balance for every dress code.

With that in mind, a pairing like this is a perfect go-to Blake-inspired look. Whether you wear it to a fancy dinner or a casual brunch with friends, you’ll look fabulously appropriate and chic.

Coming Back from the Yoga Studio

Blake Lively inspired outfit with black wide leg pants, striped top, and brown sandals

Products: Black pants – Forever 21, Striped top – Vero Moda, Brown sandals – Steve Madden

Post-workout Blake somehow manages to stay on point — she is a fashion icon after all!

For this inspired look, I chose cotton pieces that are easy to throw on and breathable. This pairing is fantastic for a tall figure like Blake’s, especially with the combination of sideways stripes and flat sandals.

Day Out on the Town

Blake Lively inspired outfit with green blazer, white off shoulder top, blue jeans, brown sandals

Products: Brown sandals – Steve Madden, Jeans – Levis, White top – ASOS Design, Green blazer – Philosophy Apparel

This slightly more elaborate outfit could be worn to class, shopping, to a casting, script reading, or even to visit your little daughter’s nursery school!

The subtle colors and seemingly plain outfit are brought together by a bright green blazer that steals the show. This combo is bound to look cute on anyone — it’s a no-brainer look.

Almost a Red Carpet

Blake Lively inspired outfit with blue jumpsuit and black heels

Products: Blue jumpsuit – Naked Zebra, Black heels – Steve Madden

As we all know, Blake is a big fan of suits, and when you’re busy, there’s nothing like a jumpsuit — one zip and you’re all ready to go!

This fitted jumpsuit is very typically Blake, and the unusual color makes the piece even more endearing. One of the best things about her style is how simple yet elegant it is, and so a plain pair of black pumps is a perfect match.

Last Minute Dinner Plans

Blake Lively inspired outfit with black blazer, red top, dark wash jeans, black heels

Products: Black heels – Steve Madden, Maroon top – ASOS Design, Jeans – Levis, Black blazer – Do + Be

Sometimes when you’re trying a new restaurant for dinner, it’s hard to tell what the dress code is going to be. This outfit is perfect for any place (the simple removal of the blazer can totally change the look) and can be worn all day to run errands or go shopping! Comfort is also a big plus for Blake, so anything that doesn’t involve a costume change midday is welcome.

Casual Day Out

Blake Lively inspired outfit with brown sandals and black romper

Products: Brown sandals – Steve Madden, Black romper – ASOS Design

This simple pairing is arguably the most Blake of all the looks — despite being the simplest. The mini cut of the romper is giving me serious Serena van der Woodsen flashbacks, while the flats are very off-duty Blake. Easy, comfortable, and cute are key words when it comes to Blake’s wardrobe, and this look fits all three.

What do you think of our Blake Lively wardrobe?

Whether you’re a fan of her off duty look or love her for Gossip Girl, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Shallows, or one of the other countless things Blake has appeared in, you can’t deny that this woman has incredible style. An added bonus of copying her wardrobe is that it all seems to be so comfortable and effortlessly chic. This laissez-faire attitude is definitely one we can all aspire to (especially with finals season coming up), and Blake’s style might just be the way to do that!

What’s your favorite Blake Lively fashion moment? And what about favorite movie or show she’s starred in? Which of her red carpet looks do you love the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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