Author-Inspired Fashion: Ernest Hemingway

This week’s inspiration is an American giant.

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ernest hemingway
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Some authors make their living from bestselling books. Some authors enter the annals of history with their literary work. Historically, it is rare for a writer to manage both feats. But sometimes with the right combination of luck, talent, and publicity, a writer can be both widely successful and critically acclaimed. The prime example of this is American icon Ernest Hemingway.

You may have read Hemingway in high school, or at least heard his name a few million times. Aside from his now classic novels, nonfiction works, and collections of stories, his work as a war correspondent and public personality made him legendary. Whether you enjoy his work or not, he certainly left a lasting mark on the literary world.

So strap on a hat and pull out a notepad to scribble in, because we’re looking at this All-American writer/adventurer today for style inspiration.

Adventurous Spirit


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Hemingway may have been more well known for his escapades than for his actual novels. As a war correspondent, he dodged danger. When off the job, he sought adventure, whether it was running with the bulls in Spain or hunting on a safari in Africa. Mr. Hemingway was a massive world traveler. 

Add in some of that moving moxie with a outfit made for trekking. Sensible jeans and a cute, loose tank look boho-chic with some gold bangles and matching sandals. A crossbody bag keeps your hands free while holding all your essentials and a pop of bright lipstick will have you ready for anything!



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While not always the case, most of Hemingway’s stories and novels had Americans as the central characters. Hemingway’s nationality and professional life was a theme in his work: His novel For Whom the Bell Tolls, for example, follows an American reporter covering the Spanish civil war. 

Here, we’ll use American motifs for some fashion inspiration. This blue and red floral dress is effortlessly pretty and perfect for spring. Keep the outfit casual with this knitted bag, but make it funky with these retro shoes. These gold earrings match perfectly with the shoes but would also work with almost any other spring outfit. Finish things off with a peachy blush for a bright, youthful look.

On Your Way


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I’m a firm believer that every college girl needs a professional outfit in her wardrobe, even if her current job or workload doesn’t require it. You never know when you’ll need to dress up for a job fair, interview, or mixer with future connections. While Hemingway didn’t need to wear suits too often, he knew how to keep it professional in his work.

Black slacks and a well-fitting blazer are must-haves for anyone. They go with almost every other piece of workwear, and if you chose well, they last forever. A neutral shell to go under a blazer is also nice to have, as is a sleek satchel to carry your important documents and daily essentials. To stand out a bit and show your personality, put on a pair of robin’s egg blue pumps for a stylish twist.

Final Thoughts

Hemingway is known as many things; an American icon, a well-traveled reporter, and a bestselling author. In some ways he was just a man, but in others he was – and remains – a legend. You can love him or hate him, but either way, you know his name.

So what did you think? Which outfit was your favorite? Have you read any of Ernest Hemingway’s books? What author would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Never finished reading any of his works, but I swear I’ll get around to it!
    Btw, I love outfits 1 and 2 and honestly can’t pick a favorite. I agree with the convenience of professional outfits, but I always reach for conservative dresses and not-to-short skirts. Outfit n. 3 was really stylish nonetheless :))


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