Album Inspiration: “Hozier”

This album is all about powerful lyrics and moody autumn vibes.

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In 2013 Irish musician Andrew Hozier-Byrne, simply known as Hozier, paved his way into our playlists and our hearts with his debut single Take me to church. The song is one of many stunning pieces from his eponymous album Hozier, released in 2014. 

Hozier is a collection of blues, soul, folk rock and indie rock songs that are sure to strike a chord with the listener. A multitude of themes can be found in this album, from religion to love, duality, and mortality. It’s also the perfect fall album, and one of my favorites even two years later.

Hozier’s lyrics are beautiful, powerful, and sometimes dark. They might have inspired your photo captions on social media, but have you considered using his songs as inspiration for your outfits? Well, today I will show you three looks inspired by Hozier’s self-titled album.

From Eden

From Eden is a personal favorite of mine (although I adore the entire album). It has an underlying religious theme, exploring the idea of the Devil falling in love. As stated in an interview, Hozier wanted this song to be from the Devil’s point of view, since he always loved blues music’s personification of the Devil. 

hozier- from eden outfit

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The song gives me road trip vibes, which is why it features on all of my travel playlists. Even the music video captures these vibes by featuring a car journey across the desert. So here’s an outfit that can be worn on your next cross-country adventure. The main inspiration for this was Hozier’s personal style, which features plenty of plaid and denim. 

Steal some style cues from the artist and combine a tartan plaid shirt with black shorts, a pair of black ankle boots, and a distressed denim jacket (because we’re talking about a fall from Heaven after all). Accessorize with a layered necklace and sunglasses. 

Someone New

Someone new was released as a single in 2015, with a music video starring the gorgeous Natalie Dormer. The track is about looking at strangers in an infatuated way, and briefly trying to live someone else’s life. The video reflects this concept by following the lonely heroine’s journey home, when she fantasies about tender moments with strangers she encounters along the way. 

hozier-someone new outfit

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This outfit is based on what Natalie Dormer wears in the video, which is a great look for going out (to a bar, or a gig like the character in the music video). Pair a textured white top with black jeans and layer a biker jacket over top. Add black ankle booties and stack on some rings. Now you’re ready to hit the town. Let us know if you fall in love along the way.

Take Me to Church

If you ask anybody about Hozier, they will most likely think of the song Take me to church. And that’s no surprise, as the song quickly topped the charts worldwide after its appearance. 

The mid-tempo soul feel complements the powerful lyrics showcasing the musician’s strong feelings against the religious institutions that undermine the LGBT community. In Hozier’s words, “the song is about asserting yourself and reclaiming your humanity through an act of love”.

hozier- take me to church outfit

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If I were to associate this song with a clothing item I’d pick a white dress, which is what I chose to center this outfit around. Add a red kimono with floral details, a black clutch bag, and a pair of black Chelsea boots. Finalize the look with a statement ring and a heart-shaped pendant necklace, because love is the main theme of the song. 

What do you think?

Are you a Hozier fan? Which one of his songs is your favorite? Would you wear any of these outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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