5 Fictional Families Who Would Make Great Thanksgiving Hosts

Thanksgiving company is almost as important as the food.

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Thanksgiving dinner

Ah, Thanksgiving. Or Turkey Day, if you prefer. It might just be the greatest holiday ever, thanks to its mouthwatering food, gorgeous late-November OMG-look-at-the-leaves setting, and lack of any pressure to buy anyone the perfect gift! (Until next month, anyway).

As we all know, Thanksgiving is the time of year where we count our blessings, and right after I declare my thankfulness for the existence of Emma Stone (give the girl an Oscar already!!) I thank my family for always being there for me and being my built-in support system.

The sometimes-messy-but-always-loyal love of a family is a universal theme, which is why so many great works of fiction feature tight-knit family units that remind us of our own, flaws and all. 

Here are the fictional families with whom I’d love to spend Thanksgiving if my own fam weren’t an option.

The Starks 

From: Game of Thrones

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Alright, so Thanksgiving probably isn’t celebrated – or even heard of – in Westeros. If it was, though, the Starks – at least, as they were at the beginning of Season One – would have had plenty to be thankful for, including Ned’s new promotion to Hand of The King, their fabulously furry family wardrobe (work that pelt, Catelyn!) and, of course, each other.

Really, the Starks are just like you and me. Sansa and Arya are as different as night and day and fight enough to show it, Jon is a bit of a black sheep, and Mama Cat is just trying to keep the peace. Minus all of the bloodshed and political intrigue, they’re just a normal, everyday family. 

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The Weasleys 

From: Harry Potter

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Again, the Weasleys most likely aren’t familiar with Thanksgiving. But who cares? They’re the flipping Weasleys! And I’m sure that Arthur would be more than willing to give a traditional Muggle holiday a try. 

The Weasleys may not be fancy, but they know how to play a mean pre-dinner Quidditch match, and Molly Weasley, a.k.a the Greatest Mother Ever, is sure to be as warm and welcoming a host to you and me as she was to young Harry Potter. As for the turkey…

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…well, Ron sure seems to be enjoying it!

The Marches

From: Little Women

Photo Credit: Screenshot

I’m not sure how they do it, but the March family manages to make every single thing they do, from feeding the needy to putting on homemade theatrical productions, look as quaint, cute, and cozy as possible. Their adorable cottage and inviting fire would make quite the Thanksgiving backdrop. Plus, I’m sure cutie-next-door Laurie would make an appearance!

These four vivacious sisters may not always get along, but if fiery tomboy Jo and spotlight-loving Amy could put aside their differences for one night, it would be indeed be a holiday to be thankful for.

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Never mind. Amy, you have no chill.

The Parrs

From: The Incredibles

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Guys, they’re superheroes, for crying out loud! I don’t know about you, but I would never, ever give up a chance to break bread with superheroes – especially a whole family of them. But awesome amazing spectacular superpowers aside, the Parrs are really cool and down-to-earth – after all, they spent years convincing the world that they weren’t superheroes. 

Thanksgiving with this family would probably start off pretty normal…until a threat to all of mankind would begin terrorizing the city, and the Incredibles would swing into action! Now that’s what I call dessert.

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You said it, little man.

The Royal Family of Arendelle 

From: Frozen

Photo Credit: Screeshot

Have you had enough Frozen mania yet? Too bad, because I haven’t. A trip to Arendelle for Thanksgiving would, I believe, be incredible, if only because you know it would already be snowing – either because of Elsa’s powers or because it’s, you know, Norway.

How can you not love these quirky characters? Hilarious Anna, adorable Olaf, fierce and fabulous Elsa…they’re so lovable and have such great chemistry that Thanksgiving with them would be sheer fun, fun, fun! And of course, there would be plenty of…

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Yes, please!

Your turn, readers!

Families can be weird, confusing, even annoying, but at the end of the day, they’re the very first people to ever love you in life. We all owe our families at least one day a year when we say “thanks.”

Which of these five fab families would you pass the mashed potatoes towards? Are there others that I missed? Go ahead and leave me a comment below, and share this article with all whom you know…including your family. Happy Thanksgiving!

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*It isn’t Thanksgiving without Monica’s turkey dance. That’s a fact.

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