How to Create Unexpected Color Combinations with Your Outfits

Step up your style game with these colorful duos.

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As much as we love a chic, all-black outfit, there’s something SO fun about experimenting with color, too. Especially when you combine two hues that seem like they really shouldn’t work together … but actually do! 

Scroll down to check out the three unexpected color combos we’re loving right now. Whether you’re a fan of bold brights or something more subdued, we think you’ll find the perfect pairing. 

1. Rust + Camel

Rust + Camel color combinations - 
 unexpected color combinations

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One of my favorite colors to wear lately has been a rich, rusty red. It’s bold but not garish, and has a sort-of vintage vibe that pairs particularity well with a sophisticated neutral, like camel.

This outfit plays up that old school feel with a layered A-line skirt and classic camel coat, topped with an ivory cropped sweater. Finish the look with beaded tassel earrings and metallic oxfords, which add a modern, trend-forward edge.

2. Teal + Plum

Teal + Plum color combinations - unexpected color combinations

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The old adage is true: opposites do attract. That’s why we’re drawn to the idea of combining jewel-toned teal and deep plum into one colorful look.

When pairing two bold colors, simplicity is key, so keep it casual with a cozy knit and skinny ponte pant combo. A soft taupe ankle boot keeps the look grounded, while a trio of delicate rings adds a hint of shine. 

3. Mustard Yellow + Olive Green

Mustard Yellow + Olive Green - Teal + Plum

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Can we vow to make 2018 the year of wearing more yellow? It’s so underrated! If you’re wary of rocking this color, we suggest trying a darker, muted mustard yellow, paired with olive green. It’s a trendy look that’s going to turn so many heads.

For a too-cool-for-school ensemble, layer your go-to army jacket over a cozy, mustard-hued sweater dress. Grab over-the-knee boots (and your fave tights!) to take it to the next level. Keep the accessories sleek yet attention-grabbing. We opted for tortoise circle sunnies and geometric drop earrings.

4. Red + Green

You might think red and green are just Christmas colors or they are unexpected color combinations, but they can totally work for any time of year! Pairing these two colors creates a visually striking ensemble that exudes energy and sophistication. 

For a classic yet daring look, pair a rich red blouse with sleek green trousers or a chic red dress with green accessories. Alternatively, you can experiment with patterns such as floral prints that integrate these complementary hues. Play with different shades, from deep burgundy to bright scarlet, and lush forest green to lively lime, to discover the perfect combination that resonates with your personal style.

5. Blue + Orange

Another unexpected color combinations, the pairing of deep blues with bright oranges. It creates a beautiful balance between calm sophistication and energetic warmth. For example, opt for a sleek navy blue dress paired with vibrant orange accessories for a chic, of-the-moment look, or experiment with a fun look by combining denim blues with bold pops of tangerine. 

Whether you’re aiming for a casual daytime look or a head-turning outfit for a night out, the blue and orange color palette is sure to impress!.

Your turn!

What’s the best color combination you’ve ever tried? Are you into these color pairings? Would you wear these looks? Do you also think yellow is underrated? Let me know in the comments!  

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  1. More articles like this please!! I struggle to buy colors other than my few favorites but this inspires me to branch out!!

    As for my favorite combo, you can never go wrong with burgundy, grey and blush!!!


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