How to Wear Challis Pants

Challis pants: soft, drawstring, genie-like pants that are slightly more appropriate than pajamas.

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It’s no secret that I am a creature of comfort. And as such a creature, I couldn’t resist trying out these trendy new boho pants called challis pants. They’re similar to joggers, but not more boho than sweatpants. In case you’re feeling déjà vu, you may recognize these pants from the similar shorts that were everywhere last summer.

Here are four ways to style challis pants:

1. Challis Pants + Crop Top 

Printed Challis Pants with elastic ankle hemlines and crochet crop top
Info: Crop Top (similar) — Boohoo, Pants — TJ Maxx, Sandals (similar) — Mod Cloth

These challis pants are high-waisted. To accentuate my legs, I’m wearing a crochet crop top that hits right at the waist of the pants. These pants can have a tendency to make your legs appear shorter, so a crop top is the best way to balance out your figure.

2. Challis Pants, Crop Top & Kimono 

Multicolored challis pants, with crochet crop and a tan kimono
Info: Pants—TJ Maxx, Kimono (similar)— Garage

If you want to amp up the festival vibes, pair this look with your favorite kimono. I love this neutral-colored kimono because it matches everything, plus the crochet adds some texture. This look is festival-inspired, but completely appropriate for those days when you’re at home studying and want to pretend you’re at festival.

3. Graphic Tank + Challis Pants

Challis pants with graphic tank
Info: Moon Phase Tank (similar)—Red Bubble

This look would be perfect for tall women, or those with long legs, because a long graphic tank can shorten the legs if you’re petite like me. Nonetheless, I am obsessed with this graphic tank and wear it once a week. Also, you could always just tuck your shirt in, like I did in the outfit below.

4. Sheer Blouse + Challis Pants

Sheer blouse with challis pants.
Info: Blouse (similar)— Forever 21, Sandals (similar) — Zappos

Unlike the festival feel of the crop top, or the laid-back style of the graphic tank, a sheer blouse can instantly add a put-together vibe to any pair of pants. This outfit is perfect for hot summer days because it’s thin and breathable. To finish the look, chop off six inches of hair (optional, but highly recommended). 

Would you wear challis pants?

What do you think of this trend? How would you wear them? Which of these outfits is your favorite? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

13 thoughts on “How to Wear Challis Pants”

  1. I’ve always been hesitant about those because every time I’ve seen people wear those around my campus, they look really sloppy and don’t seem to fit right! But those outfits you put together are SO CUTE!!! I might have to give them another look now next time I go shopping 🙂

  2. Just bought myself a gorgeous silky pair of these in preparation for a trip to Istanbul, can’t wait to wear them!! I took a while to get into the style, but now I have them I really love them.

  3. I’d totally wear those…love the look with the kimono (that’s my speed!). not sure I’d trust those pants pockets for my phone though…! Seems like they’d have high risk for fallout potential. I’ll stick with using my PortaPocket for that 🙂

  4. Just bought a couple of pair. Can’t beat the comfort and they are super cute for Spring ! Like the flare leg style better, they are really girly !!!

    • Seriously, these pants are more comfortable than some pajama pants I’ve owned. Maybe they’ll become the new yoga pants of college campuses.

  5. Oh, no, the 90’s! They’re so close! They’re getting closer! Soon we’ll all be wearing mini-backpacks and acid wash!!!

    But other than that, nice looks. 😀

    • There are mini backpacks and acid wash jeans all over Target right now! Run for the hills 😀

      In all seriousness, I believe we’re in some hybrid of the 90s and the 70s in terms of fashion. I can’t believe flared jeans are back.


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