In My Clean Girl Era: 12 Simple Outfit Combos to Nail the Aesthetic

Look chic and classy with these clean girl aesthetic outfit ideas.

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Clean girl aesthetic outfit examples: Satin midi skirt with white tank top, gray flared leggings and t-shirt matching set, neutral wide leg pants and tube top

By now, you’ve definitely heard of the clean girl aesthetic. This trending style is all about glowing skin, sleek hair, neutral colors, and minimalistic vibes.

Clean Girl is perfect for anyone who wants to stay trendy while keeping it simple and classy. Plus, this aesthetic is versatile. Whether you’re just lounging around or heading to a fancy event, you can pull off this look.

If this sounds like your kind of style, I totally recommend trying the clean girl aesthetic!

When shopping for your new clean girl looks, keep a few things in mind. Look for elements like neutral colors, well-fitted clothing, and simple basics. These pieces will help you nail the clean girl vibe and put together outfits that match.

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of cute and simple clean girl outfits to choose from, plus some styling tips to help you put together your new outfits.

Key Elements of the Clean Girl Aesthetic

Neutral Colors

One of the main things you should know about the clean girl aesthetic is that it mainly consists of neutral tones and muted colors.

So, when shopping for your new wardrobe, make sure to look for neutral shades you can mix and match, and if you do go for a color, make it muted — think blush pink, faded blue, or sage green.

Well-Fitted Clothing

You should also invest in clothing that fits your body well. For example, a fitted long-sleeve top is a great basic for creating millions of clean-girl aesthetic outfits.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear loose-fitting clothing. Baggy jeans, for instance, add balance to a tight-fitting top, as seen above. Sweat sets are also a big part of the clean girl look.

Simple Basics

You will also want to make sure that your wardrobe is stocked with good basics that you can use to make multiple different clean girl aesthetic outfits.

Neutral-toned basics like fitted t-shirts, simple tanks, and matching sets will make putting your outfits together so much easier since you can mix them up for tons of looks.

Clean Girl Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

Neutral Blazer & Skirt

While the clean girl look focuses a lot on loungewear and everyday basics, clean girls can dress up too. This sleek blazer and mini skirt set is the perfect investment for a clean girl wardrobe.

Not only is this outfit nice and neutral, which will be perfect for the clean girl aesthetic, but it is also classy and simple.

Pair this outfit with some simple heels, and you will have the perfect outfit for your next fancy occasion. Or wear the pieces separately with tons of different outfits!

Tight Top and Loose-Fitting Pants

If you are looking for a clean girl outfit that would be perfect for running errands or going to school, this is the one!

This outfit pairs a fitted long-sleeve top with loose-fitting pants that will not only be comfortable for everyday activities but will also help you to get the clean girl look.

Finish this outfit with some dad sneakers and you will look trendy while also staying comfortable while running errands!

Tank Top & Loose-Fitting Jeans

Here’s a simple, easy, and super cute outfit that’s great for hanging out with friends or any casual occasion.

This look pairs a simple tank top with loose-fitting jeans to give you a simple lounging-around look that’s more elevated than sweats.

Swap in any tight-fitting top you own to switch up this clean girl staple outfit.

Tube Top & Wide Leg Pants

If you are going to dinner with friends or want to feel extra put-together, try this outfit!

To achieve this outfit, pair a simple white tube top with some neutral-toned, tailored pants.

To make this outfit look more fancy, you could even pair it with some cute strappy heels! It would also look cute dressed down with sneakers or sandals for summer.

Flared Leggings Set

This outfit has been very popular on TikTok for achieving the “clean girl” aesthetic! This is a lounge set that includes flared leggings and a matching fitted tee.

This would also be a great outfit to wear when lounging around your home or when hanging out with friends because it is not only comfy but also gives you the trendy clean girl aesthetic look!

Once again, these pieces can be worn separately with tons of other items in your closet.


Another simple look that’s perfect for everyday activities is this short-sleeved romper!

This romper is not only simple and fitted, but it also comes in a neutral color, making it a great choice to add to your wardrobe when trying to achieve the clean girl aesthetic.

T-Shirt & Pleated Skirt

If you want to achieve the clean girl aesthetic but also want a slightly more girly outfit, then I recommend checking out this one!

This outfit pairs a pleated skirt with a simple baby tee, giving you the clean girl aesthetic with a little pop of color and a hint of Tennis-core.

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Knit Lounge Set

If you want a comfy lounging set that you can also wear as an outfit, look no further than this cozy set.

This outfit pairs a knit collared shirt with matching knit pants, giving you something comfy and simple that you can wear for lounging or everyday activities!

Fitted Mini Dress

If you are looking for a simple and classy dress that will help you give off the clean girl aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with this white dress.

This dress checks all the clean girl boxes: It’s neutral, it’s super fitted, and it’s simple and sleek.

Paired with strappy heels, it will give you the perfect clean girl-inspired outfit for a fancier occasion.

Simple Top & Satin Skirt

Here’s another skirt outfit that has a clean girl vibe.

This outfit pairs a simple white tank top with a satin midi skirt for a simple, ‘2000s-inspired look. While the pieces are basic, the silver shine of the satin makes this outfit more special.

If you want to dress up, pair this look with cute strappy heels to make it stand out even more.


It does not get easier or simpler than a stretchy jumpsuit in a neutral color.

This jumpsuit is a full outfit in one piece that fits with the clean girl aesthetic. To complete this look, add some cute accessories like gold hoops and a simple necklace, plus some chunky sneakers.

Sweatsuit Set

This is a classic clean girl aesthetic lounging around outfit, namely a matching set that includes sweat shorts and an oversized crewneck sweatshirt.

Just pair this set with trendy sneakers, and you will have a clean girl aesthetic look that you will love for running errands, binge-watching, or hanging out with friends.

Styling Tips for Your Clean Girl Era

Adding Accessories

HOW TO DRESS LIKE THE "CLEAN GIRL AESTHETIC" ✨ | Outfit Inspo, Accessories, Hair & Beauty

Not only is it important to have the right clothing to achieve the clean girl aesthetic, but you must also make sure that you add the right accessories to your outfit to complete your look.

So, make sure to purchase simple jewelry, such as hoop earrings or a simple necklace, that you can add to your outfits to make them stand out more.

Achieving the Look on A Budget

Clean Girl Wardrobe Must Haves \ Clean Girl Outfits, Shein Must Haves, Princess Polly Basics

Also, what you will love to know is that you can absolutely achieve this aesthetic while on a budget. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the most budget-friendly aesthetics out there!

So, if you are looking to try out the aesthetic as your new style but want to know where you can purchase outfits on a budget, make sure to check out this video for some inspo.

Which clean girl aesthetic outfits will you be adding to your wardrobe?

Which outfit do you think looks the most like the clean girl aesthetic? Do you have any pieces that give off the clean girl aesthetic?

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