We Have the Perfect Outfit to Match Your Every Mood

Feeling flirty, cheerful, stressed, or daring? Here’s what to wear.

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Woman smiling in a good mood by the beach

If you’re like us, you often get analysis paralysis when deciding what to wear. Too many options — help! 

Whenever you’re overwhelmed with fashion choices or just too busy to overthink your clothes, basing your outfit around your mood — or, alternatively, dressing to counteract a bad mood — is a great strategy to try.

No matter how you’re feeling or what your day may bring, there’s an outfit for it! Here are four outfits to perfectly match however you’re feeling:

What to wear if you’re feeling flirty…

pink dress with shoes and accessories

Products: Dress – H&M, Shoes – Nordstrom, Necklace – Forever 21, Purse – Target

For those days where you’re feeling flirty, light, pastel colors are perfect. Rose pink is trending hard right now, and looks great on this grecian-inspired mini dress. Add lace-up flats and gold accessories and you’re sure to turn heads.

What to wear if you’re feeling cheerful…

Cute summer outfit idea for when you're feeling cheerful: Off-the-shoulder white and colorful tassel dress, pineapple purse, pointy toe red flats

Products: Dress – Forever 21, Shoes – H&M, Purse – Zaful

It can be hard to be stay happy every day, especially during finals season, but when you do feel cheerful, a fun dress is the way to go! 

Off-the-shoulder dresses are playful and the added pop of color on this tasseled one keeps the look exciting. Pair this dress with bright flats and a quirky purse for a look that will keep you smiling all day.

What to wear if you’re feeling stressed…

sweater with pants and accessories

Products: Sweater – Etsy, Pants – H&M, Sneakers – Vans, Sunglasses – Sunglass Spot

I mean, stress is practically the default state for all college women. But if this is the case for you, don’t fret! 

Instead of lounging in your pajamas all day, wear a graphic sweater with a light colored pair of pants — this way, you’ll be cute yet still super comfy. Keep the look simple with trendy white sneakers and sunnies. You’ll look adorable, yet laid-back.

What to wear if you’re feeling daring…

maxi dress with accessories

Products: Maxi Dress – Forever 21, Heels – Boohoo, Earrings – Aeropostale, Choker – Aldo, Lip Color – MAC

It can be fun to dress up every now and then again, and those nights where you’re feeling bold can be the most memorable. With a daring mindset, you’ll give off “Girl Boss” vibes and show everyone you’re serious about your look. 

For an amazing night out, pair a statement dress with simple heels and accessories that stand out, in a bold way.

What do you think? Would you wear these outfits? Let me know in the comments!

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