3 Festive Outfits for the Holidays

Cute and festive outfit ideas for winter are modeled by a college style blogger. PLUS: How to style a sweater dress.

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Festive holiday outfits

Finals are over and there is a light at the end of the tunnel: the Christmas tree lights. I love hot chocolate, decorations and Christmas carols (“Carol of the Bells” and Michael Bublé’s “Jingle Bells” are my jam). The outfits below would be perfect for holiday gatherings, but can also be worn all winter long. You know, when you’re not wearing your Christmas sweater.

1. The Snow Queen

Crochet top pleather black circle skirt black ankle boot wedges round silver earrings

If the Evil Queen and Snow White designed an outfit together, this would be it.

This outfit is inspired by Sara’s article on Lousie Bourgeois’ “Maman.” She describes her outfits as subtle yet glam and edgy yet feminine, using elements like brooding florals and killer accessories. She also writes about the influence of Louise Bourgeois, if you’re like me and know zero art history.

My version of Sara’s style features a pleather circle skirt, which adds an edgy yet elegant touch. To soften the edgy black skirt, I wore an off-white crochet top, complete with flowing bell sleeves. To add a vintage touch, I accessorized with dramatic medallion earrings and silver rings. To top everything off, I pulled my hair into a messy high ponytail.

2. Pretty as a Present


I am obsessed with this minimalist quilted gray dress. It has been my go-to dress for every occasion. A plaid scarf instantly adds holiday cheer to any outfit. If my outfit were a present under the tree, this scarf would be the bow on top. I painted my nails dark gray with gold glitter to add some holiday glam. It’s pretty interstellar, I must say. (Still have not seen that movie… le sigh.)

3. Cozy & Creamy

Cream turtleneck sweater tights long green gold necklace

How many times have I worn this? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. XOXO, Sweater Girl.

I recently found this top at the thrift shop known as my mom’s old chest of clothes she no longer wears. And I will never take it off. This sweater gives my body the illusion that I am Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6. (Who doesn’t want that?) Since the top is so… marshmallow-like, I added sheer tights, so at least one part of my body is flattering. But hey, marshmallows are adorable. And who doesn’t want to feel warm and snuggly during this time of year?

Also, top knots for the win.

What do you think?

Which of these outfits is your favorite? What festive clothes are you wearing? Let me know in the comments below. (And feel free to drop off any requests while you’re there.)

16 thoughts on “3 Festive Outfits for the Holidays”

  1. Normally, I wear most of my sweater dresses with belts, Holly, but this one is so chunky and large I think it it might just swallow any belt. That is a great tip though for most sweater dresses.

  2. Shannon, I have a terrible habit of reading the Wikipedia summaries before I watch movies or shows. I think my very misguided logic is that I’ll forget the plot before I see the movie, or somehow knowing the whole plot makes me appreciate the movie more… Who knows. I spoil so many things for myself!

    Why thank you, Sara. Your articles can be my muse from now on.

    Gloria, unfortunately mine is from a store called Entourage and they no longer have it available. However, American Eagle and F21 have similar scarves, and Target has this oversized one: http://www.target.com/p/oversized-plaid-scarf-multicolored/-/A-15542694

  3. The white sweater is amazing! Do you think it might look good with a belt? That was my first thought. I don’t really wear belts, so I can’t be sure.

  4. Wait, “finals are over”? I, and many other college students I know, are still very much in the thick of exams. Please don’t rub it in that you’re done. (although I love the white sweater dress!!!!)

  5. Julie, I somehow magically had all my finals pretty early. Not to rub it in or anything, but I am baking cookies and watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. Good luck on your finals! Sending virtual cookies your way.

  6. Ah you look adorable in all three outfits!! Now I’m dying to do an “interstellar” manicure (haven’t seen the movie yet either, but I was naughty and read the Wikipedia summary…) and put on my favorite plaid scarf.

    And of course I love the Baymax look 🙂 Marshmallows forever!

  7. Oooooo girl you nailed it! Leather and lace is a KILLLER look for you.

    Also – that ‘Baymax’ sweater is perfection.

  8. As someone who is absolutely terrible at figuring out to wear for various holiday occasions (between Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and that one friend who insists on having a fancy Christmas party every year), this post is a godsend. Every outfit is equal parts dressy and cozy, which is exactly what you want to be during the holiday season. I’m sold on all three looks!


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