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Make your dorm room feel like home with these state decor ideas.

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State Decor ideas - how to incorporate your home state into your dorm room

If you go to school out of state, you may experience homesickness from time to time. I’m from California but go to school in Wisconsin, and it has definitely been a big change!

Moving to a new state isn’t easy, and depending on how far away you go there may even be a new climate, culture, and style to adjust to.

So how do you make a new environment feel like home? Decorate your dorm room with a nod to your home state, of course!

There are many ways to incorporate your home state into your dorm decor. Read on to discover some easy state decor ideas to try!

1. Tapestries

New York City tapestry.
State decor - Florida tapestry.

If you have an empty wall to decorate, fill it with a colorful tapestry.

There are many different kinds of tapestry designs; you could choose the outline of your state, a map of a city, or even a photo of a specific region.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with a tapestry!

2. Mugs

Pastel pink + grey state mugs.
Kentucky mug.

Who doesn’t need a mug?

Raise a glass to your home state as you drink your morning coffee. This idea probably has the most options of states and styles.

3. Essential Oils

Fir essential oil bottle.
Eucalyptus essential oil - home state decor

If your college allows it, diffuse an essential oil that smells like home!

I use a eucalyptus essential oil that reminds me of the plants in my backyard. If you live near the woods, on the other hand, you could try a pine scent.

Essential oils will make your room smell great and will keep you focused as you tackle those papers!

4. Stickers

Arizona cactus sticker - best state decor ideas
State decor - New York City skyline sticker.

Use stickers to decorate boxes, notebooks, your laptop, or anywhere else you want to add a hint of home. This is one of the most affordable, subtle ways of incorporating your state into your decor.

5. Wall Art

Floral Texas wall art.
Ohio print.

There are tons of cute state decor wall art options out there!

No matter your style, this is an easy way to show where you come from. Alternatively, this would be a great DIY project if you enjoy art.

6. Something Your State is Known For

Buoy decorations.
Faux cactus decoration.

Each state has a few things that it’s known for — so use those in your decor.

If you’re from New England, decorative buoys could be a fun touch for your room. Meanwhile, if you grew up in the Southwest, a faux or real cactus would go well in any dorm. (The one above is fake, but don’t be scared of a real one — a cactus is one of the best dorm plants ever!)

7. Stationery

State pencils.
State notepad.

Decorate your desk with some state-themed stationery! These products would be perfect for writing to-do lists in style.

8. Pillows

California poppy pillow - state decor ideas
State decor - Michigan pillow.

If you’re looking for some throw pillows to add to your bed, pick out one that references your home state. These colorful options will definitely brighten your dorm room.

9. A Doormat

Why not make your room extra welcoming with a chic doormat?

This is a great conversation starter and would be a smart idea if you’ve moved somewhere where it rains or snows a lot!

10. The Best State Decor Idea: Photos from Home

Photos + fairy lights on a dorm wall.

No matter where you go to school, photos from home are a must-have! Seeing the smiling faces of friends and family on your walls will brighten your day and keep home nearby.

See our guide to photo wall ideas for tons of ways to decorate with photos.

You could even DIY a photo collage in the shape of your state!

What Did You Think of These State Decor Ideas?

Which idea or item is your favorite? How do you incorporate your home state into your dorm decor? Let us know in the comments!

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